Mommy & Me



With Fathers Day behind us I’m so excited to finally share these…

The boys & I took advantage of having a photographer friend living close by in Arizona with a last minute desert photo shoot to capture their bright personalities and goofy smiles with mama in this season of life. If you know me you know I love to document and take photos! I’m a note taker, jot memories in a journal and snap extra photos whenever I can kinda girl. I am sure I was a photographer and journalist in a past life.

I love the deserts beauty and the dreamy light at dusk… along with my sweet boys this was a magical hour filled with a touch of rowdy boy chaos. Basically my every day. Thank goodness we chose a photographer with little ones so she just gets it!

If you’re an Phoenix area local be sure to check out Jenifer Lee Photography the next time you are in the market for some great photos!


While I’m here… Happy Monday & Have a wonderful week friends!



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