A wedding in Chicago & a very Happy Independence Day!!!

This last weekend I had the honor of being part of a beautiful wedding for one of my dear friends. It really was so much fun. I ended up spending the entire day Monday sleeping to recover and feel normal again but it way so worth it. I’m putting up a few pictures just to show off how much fun we had and how gorgeous Erin looked on her wedding day!

Lauren & I, Keg Kickball the night before the wedding. 

She looks so excited! I love this

All finished at the salon
Just finishing up the final touches. She looks gorgeous!

Mr. & Mrs. Pacheco

Beautiful Best Friends!

A few of the bridesmaids

And now for the most exciting news…. 

Baby Jenkins is 18 weeks old this week and the size of a sweet potato.

Let’s ignore my hair (this was after a very long day of work) but… We now know for sure! And we’ve decided to share with everyone 🙂 It’s A Boy! 
We are so happy… I am still only a little stressed to hear back about the triple screen, but I’m sure everything will be just fine. And now I am even more excited for planning a nursery and shopping for cute little boy things.

Lots of excitement coming up this month…
Our next appointment is in a week and a half. They are going to do a full anatomy ultrasound!
A week later we get to go back to Seattle to visit the all of the family, 2 weeks of vacation… woo hoo!
And the best news yet, we should be in our new house sometime in the month of August! We are currently waiting to hear if the final offer is accepted by the back and when we can send in the inspector. If all goes well, it’s ours!!

One thought on “A wedding in Chicago & a very Happy Independence Day!!!

  1. Beautiful & Glowing Bride – So happy for Erin!

    Jen, I cannot wait to see you & Brad at the end of this month – only 2 more weeks!! Yeah : )

    I know you are taking good care of Baby Boy Jenkins – he is in good “hands” & thank you for the pictures – looks like it's time for me to get skype LOL


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