Halfway There…

Finally the 20 week mark is here!
We have hit the halfway point. And gotten quite a bit of wonderful news this week…
It looks like, if everything goes as well as planned (fingers still crossed please) we will be closing on the house around the middle of August!
On the night of July 12th I felt baby’s movements for the very first time. I had a small nightmare with my registry at Baby’s R Us that week and after many phone calls and a trip back to the store it’s all settled and the registry is jam-packed with great gift ideas. Needless to say, I think the lil guy was just reminding me whats really important and showing me he’s quite alright in there. Since that night he seems to move around quite a bit. Brad hasn’t been able to feel him yet but hopefully in a few more weeks.
Also we had our check up for the month this week and got to see all of Baby Jenkins. I would say little but apparently he’s not so little. He is measuring about a week ahead and it looks to us like his head is not small. As Brad said, he has a big brain like his daddy, haha. I am excited cause I would love for him to show up early, say… Thanksgiving. Brad is rooting for 12/12/12. I’m guessing we will start places bets when it get a little closer.

Other than that life is fairly normal. I am working lots of hours so that we can escape to Washington next week for an extended vacation, which we’re stoked about. And I am really making an effort to fit in much needed workouts. Not only for mine and baby’s health but they keep me sane.

Now for the best part. Just a couple of updated photos…

This is Baby Jenkins at 20w and 4d. It was taken this morning in between his wiggling!

We might need to work on Brad’s photography skills. I’m not quite smiling. haha…

How far along: 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Todays appointment the scale showed +9lbs. My scale at home says +13-14lbs. I like the doctors ūüôā
Maternity clothes: I finally got a new bra and the belly band from target (love it). I can’t wait to go shopping with mom next week.
Stretch marks: None yet. Just itchy, which equals lots of lotion. 
Sleep:¬†I toss a turn quite a bit. Poor Brad is such a light sleeper I think I’m driving him crazy.
Best moment this week: Seeing baby and all of his organs. Oh and how much he moves around now.
Have you told family and friends: Yep. And whoever didn’t know probably got a baby shower invite for the Seattle one.
Miss Anything: Honestly, My flat stomach. But when I think I’m missing it I remind myself that there is a little one growing in there.
Movement: So much! It’s a great feeling. Like little butterflies.¬†
Food cravings: Still wanting salty. I’m not sure how my skin is staying free of acne but I’ll take it!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Work. Haha. Usually a strong smells. And since I bartend some of those liquors, but mostly the cherry syrup yuck.
Have you started to show yet: oh yes.
Gender prediction:¬†It’s a boy!
Labor Signs: None. Thank goodness.
Belly Button in or out? still in
Wedding rings on or off? on but I now take it off every night because my fingers swell.
Happy or Moody most of the time:¬†Kinda moody. I feel bad but sometimes I can’t help it.
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t stop stretching. It feels so much better when it’s a habit. I am still frustrated, and paying for it, that I stopped for almost 2 months.¬†
Looking forward to: Next weeks vacation.

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