23 weeks… Post Washington Vacay

It’s been a couple weeks but only because I’ve been relaxing (and avoiding the computer) while visiting family/friends in Washington. It seems like we go there a lot but really it’s not that much. So it was very nice to spend so much time up there (especially with Mom and Dad). I spent most of the 2 weeks just hanging out. It was nice to not have work and dad was pretty awesome for lending me his truck for the week so I could go visit family. Every time I’m there it goes by so fast and I know I never get to all of the people I want to see. We certainly covered all of the food places that we wanted to. Oh gosh I think I gained 8lbs just from the crazy amounts of eating out. I got my seafood fix for awhile (everything fully cooked even though I really want sushi) and I shouldn’t want it again until mom comes to visit in October. Fingers crossed she’ll bring some salmon and goodies from Pike Place! 🙂

Oh had to share this… while I was in town so were the Blue Angels so baby and I enjoyed a fly by while in traffic on the way to visit Grandma & Grandpa

Baby Jenkins Updates…
At 23 weeks he is about the size of a large Mango, approx 11.5 in & 1.1 lbs. He is moving like a crazy man! I love it! People are so right when they say you have an instant love for the lil’ human inside you but you really don’t know the feeling until you actually experience it. And then sometimes it’s just unreal to me that there is a little person in there. It is really the coolest thing ever. Brad has felt him a little but I know he can’t wait to feel more. He is going to be such a great dad he’s already talking to my tummy and making future plans. We are both just full of excitement and feeling blessed.

This week it was back to reality. Which basically meant work and lots of it, for both Brad & I. He had to take off to Denver shortly after I got home and I have been keeping myself busy… by  organizing/ cleaning our tiny apt and working. Let me tell you I cannot wait to get our house! I have so many ideas for baby J’s room and I want to start wedding planning (I know mom I said I wanted to wait until January but I’m really bored at home alone) 🙂

Also, Baby J was not a reference or hint to his name, it just seems simpler than spelling out Jenkin’s every time I want to talk about him. To clarify his name is still a secret and staying a secret until he arrives. It feels so much more special to me to have something stay just between Brad & I as ultimately this lil’ man’s name is up to us.

In the next week I promise to put up a new belly picture (cause it’s growing) and hopefully soon I will have a few pictures from the AMAZING baby shower that was thrown for me while in Washington. So I can post just about that! Only a little behind but I will catch up soon. I get the feeling that this thing will become increasingly difficult to keep up with once the little guy is born but I’m determined.

As of today only 112 more days!

One thought on “23 weeks… Post Washington Vacay

  1. Jennifer, you amaze me & make me so very blessed to have you as my daughter. It was a pleasure to have you at home for a few days & such fun to do a little retail therapy – hope the clothes work out & I will be waiting to hear about what kind of surprises arrive in the mail : )I can't wait to hold Baby J! & yes I caught the not so subtle hint … LOL


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