Washington Baby Shower

Just a little late… I’ve been waiting on more pictures and now I have some & the time to do it… so here we are!

My amazingly wonderful best friend Jasmin and cousin Heidi, threw me a fabulous baby shower at the beginning of August. They put so much effort in the little details it was too cute! I loved every minute of it even though it was probably the hottest day in Seattle they had all year lol… Our only regret in hindsight is that we didn’t take some individual pictures of me with mom and grandmas. But oh well.
Here are a few photos to show the highlights of the day.

All the guests picked out a birthday for Baby J. Here’s to hoping he comes a little early 🙂

These are two of my favorite nieces! They are adorable.

This theme is too awesome!

Grandma Bette is making a blanket! Yay!

So many gifts. Baby J is already a very lucky boy!

It was really really hot out in the sunshine. Lack of A/C in this state makes it worse lol

Jaz made this amazing diaper cake!

Suggest a pinterest idea to Heidi and she’ll do it. How cute is this baby in fruit!
Me with Miss Annabelle and Miss Hailey. Love these two!

We may have waited til the very end, but at least we got a few pictures of us all! 

She really did a wonderful job decorating I had to showcase it!

2 thoughts on “Washington Baby Shower

  1. Hey Beautiful Momma….I do not want you to think that no one reads your blog,that it is not worth it:o)I check it every weekend when I venture south and look forward to any updates,it is a great way to keep up with your baby/house/life and I am so thankful you are an official “blogger”…keep up the great work and take care of you and yoursXO10


  2. Thank you so much!!! I can already tell it's going to be so neat to have something to look back on!
    Hopefully I can keep up with it… so you (and others) can keep reading!!


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