38 Weeks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are… week 38! Almost there…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am so thankful for this wonderful man, our unborn child, our families and friends, and all of the blessings we’ve had this year (and it’s not over yet).

We had a wonderful day. Slept in a little and then had breakfast while watching the Macy’s Day Parade. I have to say… I don’t think I’ve ever paid that close of attention to it, and it was fairly entertaining. More so with Brad’s commentary 🙂
In the afternoon we went to Brad’s parent house for Turkey dinner with the family. His parents, brother Keith, Uncle Jack & Susan, and us. It was so much fun and full of laughs! Once we got home, we dug into the leftovers (him-the apple crisp, me-turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, & a pretzel roll *hey the kid takes up a lot of space I finally had room and felt hungry*) 🙂 And then we facetimed with my parents… equally full of laughs! It’s pretty exciting that dad got an iphone and mom got an ipad so we now have lots of options.  Technology is so great, now that you can see who you’re talking to!

Lil’ Man seems to be taking up even more space (if that’s possible). Pretty sure I had just a couple of contractions today. Small ones but they stopped me for a second, and I’m having more back pain. All good signs of progress! 🙂
I’m so happy this is my last week of work. Too bad there isn’t a way to make money (pay bills) while resting at home. But, let’s be honest, then I would just be bored. 
We were very productive this past week… 
the pack n play (with bassinet) is all set up in our room, the bouncer is ready in the living room (or as Brad called it “Cash’s version of a lazy-boy”), and my hospital bag is packed and ready. Only thing to-do is a little more shopping for Cash, nothing super important but that’s what this next week is for. 
I am also extra excited to decorate our house for Christmas! 
It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait to get crafty!

Finally, our doctor’s appointment went well yesterday. Cervix is just starting to open but is still closed on the inside. So lot’s of walking planned… Our doctor says a couple of strong contractions and we’ll be ready! Here’s to hoping we get to meet him next weekend!

One thought on “38 Weeks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Beautiful! So glad you had a couple more pictures taken. It's only a short time to go & your ill guy will be here. Lots of love being sent to you all, Mom


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