Let the holidays begin! Christmas decorating

Oh my goodness… Let me start with, I love our house! 
I’m doing my best to not go crazy (being that it’s still the last week of November) But I’m so excited to decorate for Christmas! I was just telling Brad last night how I am so excited for this years holidays! Maybe it’s because we will have Cash or maybe it’s having our first home. All I know it I can’t wait to start our own traditions as a family! 
I am definitely bored after just 2 days at home with no work… usually I love my days off but the waiting on lil’ man’s arrival is definitely starting to get to me. So yesterday I was up early, for a little shopping and then I got crafty. I have to say it wasn’t all fun for me though… Being that I’m just so excited, as soon as I got home I turned up the Christmas tunes and started to decorate. 
Sure enough… disaster (mind you it was all very minor but I still panicked). It seemed like nothing was working. I didn’t have enough lighted garland for the banister (I think the package lied when it said 18ft), the snow wasn’t “fluffy enough”, I still have nothing to hang the stockings with, and the kicker… only half of our tree lights up. Our house was looking like a very half-assed Christmas! This pretty much made me want to hurt something, while Brad just laughed, which only made me laugh. He then told me if we’re doing this it needs to look good & commented on the snows lack of fluff, so back out shopping I went. Of course round 2 was much more successful. I have now created the beginnings of winter wonderland/holiday cheer in our home! I am probably most proud of the homemade banner… next up the front window and outside lights!
Here are a few pictures of what I’ve started… more to come later I’m sure!

just a little something for the cutouts and our stockings!

homemade Christmas banner!
Family Room… the full view.

The tree is up & yes those silly lights still aren’t working. Poor Charlie Brown tree…
Maybe I’ll get to do ornaments later this week
In baby news… still having irregular contractions but they are becoming more frequent. Late last night we went for a walk down to Albertsons partly out of hunger (we always seem to not have food lol) and partially with the intent to push labor along. It was really nice for us to have time together, looking at neighbors holiday decorations (plotting our own), and talking about this next week/ Cash’s arrival. 
Best part is, Brad and I agree we think he can come anytime now (sorry mom). 
We plan to talk to Dr. Austin on Thursday about options. Unless he comes sooner of course 🙂

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