Washington, Wedding Planning, Wee One meets the Family

What a vacation… It was very eventful and boy am I glad to be home for awhile now!
OK let us backup a bit and recap the last week. 
First off our lil’ man is an expert flyer already. He was an absolute gem on that airplane. Let me tell you I couldn’t be prouder. He is just such a happy kid and stuck with his routine perfectly. I pumped a bottle to be extra prepared and gave him that during take-off. Then he spent the first hour of the flight looking around and just being his typical happy, curious self. After a quick diaper change, let me tell you that wasn’t easy on me in that teeny tiny airplane bathroom, Cash let me rock him to sleep and he didn’t even wake up for the landing. Piece of cake! The flight home was equally uneventful and easy. Now we can only hope all of our future flights go that well. Ha fingers crossed that’s not wishful thinking!
Happy boy just checking things out 
trying to figure out what dad’s doing
Once we arrived, my dad met us at the airport and from there we divided and conquered. Dad Cash & I went to see my grandma and Brad & my brother off to get the rental car. And then to my parents house to gather up baby gear (thanks to my mom & Jasmin for this, without them pooling together the essentials we would to have traveled with a lot more stuff). 
*Here’s the thing about going to Washington… there are sooooo many people to see that it’s pretty much, near impossible to actually see everyone each time we’re there. And of course with our new addition it only made it harder. As going anywhere with a kid adds a whole new element (we’ve learned this quickly) We did our very best to fit in everyone and everything that we like to do while there. But of course, like I said, impossible! Thank goodness for the open house so that friends and family could all come to us. Those that didn’t make it because of illness or hints of sickness I truly appreciate your consideration for my sons health!* 
So I’m thinking the best way to show our trip is through photos… Cash met so many new faces and it was a mini whirlwind. But we enjoyed visiting with everyone no matter how brief. 
Here are many from throughout our trip. 
But the bulk of them were taken on Sunday during the “meet Cash” Open House at my parents home.
Meeting Great-Grandma Bonnie
His face in this one makes me chuckle a little because he’s definitely getting angry hungry!
Great-Grandpa Roy
Great-Grandma Bette

And another cause it’s a good one of grandma

Uncle Ron

Uncle Ken
With “great-uncle” Larry

“great-uncle” Gary & Cash having a little conversation
Great- Aunt Roberta, love his face in this!

Great-Uncle Jim

Great-Uncle John
Great-Uncle Steve

with Cindy (I think we can call her great-aunt) 🙂

Auntie Jackie

Auntie Jaz
Cousin Erica feeding him

Hailey loves baby Cash (she told me this, sweet girl)

Jace is ready for Cash to play with him.
Jon & Brad have already decided they will be best friends and getting girls together haha.
Here he is with Kelly (who was my baby sitter growing up) and her daughter Emily.
The crazy thing is I could keep going with even more pictures! And we missed photo opportunities with so many more people. Poor kid was passed around all day!
And of course the other big event while we were there (besides showing off my kid) was the Seattle Wedding Expo. Woo Hoo… Wedding planning is in full swing. 
Now here’s where this thing goes from a pregnancy blog —> wedding blog ++ a whole bunch a baby thrown in!
us girls having a little fun with the mannequins

A few group poses while browsing…

And of course they put a few dresses on me 
 these are where you can really tell I’m tired! haha

Some tiny cake ideas and possible place setting

Jace is DONE. I felt his pain!!
It was a super long, tiring FUN day.
And we now have a shit ton of information about way too many vendors LoL
But hey, now I can make very informed decisions. 
Poor Brad- He’s probably going to be overloaded with wedding for the next 9 months. 
That’s about it for our mini-vacay! 
I had fun but I must say that I’m glad to be home. 
I’m so happy we can finally get a routine started for Cash and even for us.
I shall leave you with a gorgeous photo of mount Rainer that I managed to take out the window.
Happy Thursday Everyone!!

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