It’s Pouring in Phoenix!

This weekend was the epitome of lazy for us! By us I mean Cash & I. Brad had to travel for work last minute (boo) and for some reason it decide to storm like crazy all weekend long. Don’t get me wrong it was nice to have a couple of lazy days in bed and just lay around the house with my precious baby boy. But by Monday it is safe to say I’m bored. TV is only so entertaining. And with a 7 week old I can’t really clean and organize how I would like to, I swear it’s some sort of conspiracy… he knows just when I get going on a project and boom Wake up time! Also, I’m pretty sure even Cash is sick of the inside of the house. We were getting really good at our daily walks and I know we both miss them. So heres to the sun coming back soon!
Here are a couple of the precious pictures that I was taking during our lazy days. 
Of course we’re sending lots to daddy while he’s away.
precious boy

he has developed quite the love for this toy! i don’t mind at all that he will lay on it for a good 30 minutes talking to himself in the mirror, grabbing the animals, and kicking his feet against the piano.

His newest facial expressions just make me smile!

really mom more pictures?

ok sure I’ll ham it up for the camera

getting sleepy. And big!
So in all this rain and time without daddy we did manage to have a visitor, my good friend from high school Stephanie.  

His face is priceless… ‘Sup Ladies!
And we even get out of the house for about 3 hours to have dinner with one of my dear friends from college. Every time I see Lauren I appreciate her friendship more. I am still amazed that I have found such great friends in these girls that I met at a small school in Iowa and that our friendship stuck, survived, grew, and evolved through all 4 years of college and beyond. Looking at this picture I’m really wishing we would have taken a good one of Lauren looking at the camera too. Oh well we have “proof” that she was first to meet him. This is hilarious to those that know Lauren (she’s late to everything… I can still hear her telling coach about CPT).
News about me! I’m down 28 lbs with only 12 to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo Hoo I can honestly say THANK YOU BREASTFEEDING! Cause I’m not doing much at all. Sure we take a daily walk and I cart a 13lb chunk around most of the day. But exercise pssh… this lady wishes! 
I do have big plans for February because lets face it… We’ve got a wedding in 7 months. 
And I plan on having my body back for that dress event.
OOTD for our Sunday evening out with L.
Also I started work last week (we are calling 1 shift a start). This week I have 2 more and coaching kicks off on Saturday. So it’s back to the grind I go. I keep telling myself it’s a good thing but boy is it hard to leave the little guy. I’m very attached to him 🙂 But hey we have bills, a baby and a wedding to pay for so it’s for the best. I am still job hunting for something more steady! Fingers crossed.
Looks like the little guy is stirring… Time for his 1am feeding and then off to bed for both of us! 

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