Happy February!

Welcome to another month!
It is truly amazing how our life has changed in the last couple months.
And oh how true it is the older you get the quicker time goes by.
Every day I look at our precious little boy and wish for time to slow down.
The only thing I can think to do about it is take in every moment and just enjoy life!
Coming up we don’t have much planned… just 
me getting back to work and coaching
Brad still working hard
Cash getting older, learning more about his world
And of course some wedding planning!
And of course today is SUPERBOWL Sunday!
 One of my favorite “holidays”.
Even though I have absolutely no ties to either team I will still be glued to the T.V. from the national anthem all the way to the post game trophy presentation. With some entertaining commercials and what I hope to be a well played football game in between.
We’ve decided that we don’t really care who wins… but I think we’ll be pulling for the 49ers so that it’s at least our division who wins. Either way we’re sure to have fun.
And what is a Superbowl without good food?!
For our menu today I’m sticking with old favorites and adding just a couple of new pinterest recipes.

Today’s Menu

-Mom’s Chicken Wings 
Extra Crispy. And who knows they may end up buffalo, teriyaki, or even bbq.
I can’t share the secret family recipe but let me tell you they are always a hit.
-Thin whole wheat Crust pizza
This is my own creation. Using the healthiest ingredients I can while still keeping it meaty & manly 🙂
I am trying out a new crust today heres to hoping I can get it thin enough!
-Buffalo Chicken Dip w/Veggies
This one is an old college favorite! I thought of it last night & thought why not.
I know Brad is going to love it! Especially with my health conscious modifications.
Plus we will be dipping veggies into it (not what we did in college haha)
-Dunkaroo Dip
This is my pinterest add on.
It looks so easy & they say it tastes like cake batter. YUM
This one I don’t even care if he likes haha… we just needed a little something sweet.
It only has 3 ingredients: yogurt, cool whip & funfetti cake mix.

I’m sure it will turn out great! And be waaayyy too much food for just the two of us!
But that’s the fun of today… just relaxing & vegging out!

With that… I must continue cooking. Only 1 hour until game time!
I leave you with this cuteness…
Our sweet baby boy!

Probably my favorite face so far!

He’s become so alert! I love this onesie!

Just relaxin’

He is getting much better at back sleeping. Brad said he looks like he’s on the cross in this one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! And week 🙂

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