2 months… Baby Ca$h

First off where is the time going? It’s Crazy!

I cannot believe today marks Cash’s 2 months birthday. I know it’s only going to get faster.
For now we are just loving every single day!

Our lil Football fan!
Very happy at the doctors

Of course we had is 2 month check-up today…

not sure how he feels about the camera lol

Poor kid has a blocked tear duct in his left eye (I knew this but I wanted to ask to be sure). Our ped reassured me that it will go away in another month or so and feel free to continue the warm washcloth and duct massage that I’ve been doing. Also today Cash got a few shots! He wasn’t excited about the oral one, it looked like it tasted funny to me too. But he handled the pokes like a trooper. It was a little harder on mommy than him. What a tough lil guy, he only cried when the needles poked him and as soon as I picked him up silence. Amazing. Of course once we got to the car he crashed. And is currently napping while I update this 🙂

Here’s the stages of today’s shots

Umm Mom, am I supposed to swallow this crap? 

Wait what’s going on? That doesn’t feel very good!!

Oh my god OWWW! Why are you doing this to me?

 I don’t have an after from when he calmed down… but believe me he was happy again so fast!
Oh poor kid! Just looking at those makes me cringe. Good thing he’s tough!

This months stats…
Weight: 15lbs 2oz He’s in the 100th percentile for this. OMGoodness!  
Height: 24 1/4 inches. He’s in the 90th percentile for this.
Head Circ: 15.5inches. Only the 45th percentile, but that’s ok… his head doesn’t look small to me at all.
Clothing: He is filling out his 3 month outfits. And averaging 2 outfits a day. Mostly because we stay home so we don’t mind a little spit up on the onesie and it’s slightly less laundry for mommy haha. Hopefully he will stay in these for another month as we have lots of clothes. Even though it’s killing me not to be out shopping for cute spring/holiday outfits, I’m holding off (at least until I’m working steadily again).
Feeding: Still eating every 3 hours like clockwork. Clearly this kid isn’t missing meals.
Sleeping: He is doing pretty darn good lately. Last week we had 3 nights in a row of 8+ hours. He even woke up happy. His naps are pretty consistent with a 9am-11, 1-3 or 4, and a short one around 6. He stays awake until after bath time and usually by 9:30/10pm he’s ready to go down for the whole night. This week it’s more of a 6 hour stretch but that works for me, around 5am he is hungry and by 6 it’s back to sleep for a few hours.
Milestones: We have smiles. All the time! He loves to smile back when you talk to him or make funny faces. He definitely knows Brad and my voices. And he has so much fun laying on his play mat, looking in the mirror and kicking the piano. He is becoming so much more vocal so we have started encouraging him by holding conversations with him. Oh and he has the most expressive eyebrows it’s too funny!
This is from boys night with Daddy last week.
He was very excited about the chicken wings across the table.

Brad and I are getting into a good groove lately. He does great with him when I’m at work.
I think now that Cash is more active it’s more fun for daddy 🙂
My thoughts: Being a parent is so much fun! I really love it!

In other family news…

I had a little accident followed by a ride in an ambulance this past Monday. 
It’s seems so dumb to me now but I’ll share as it was pretty scary at the time. Poor Brad!
I was making dinner… Fajitas Yum! Of course I’m chopping up everything with a serrated steak knife, chicken, veggies, etc. I throw it all in the pan and move on to the sides, I start cutting an avocado and decide to remove the pit so without hesitation I stab the pit to get it out and of course the knife doesn’t puncture the pit instead it slips off and goes right into my left hand. Oh gosh it felt like it went straight to my bone. Of course I pulled it out and went to the sink to clean it and apply pressure. I’m telling Brad what happened saying to him “I cut myself, it’s bad, I feel like I might pass out”. He jumps up to get alcohol and band aids (it was at this moment we both realized that we apparently don’t own a first aid kit). Meanwhile I am feeling very woozy. 
For those of you that don’t know I have had a couple of pass out experiences in the last 2 years. About 6 months before we found out I was pregnant I had one at work. So at 26 years old I have a cardiologist. And we know that I am one of those “oh so lucky” people who live at a low blood pressure state. Which is fine and safe and all unless something happens and you drop 10 points quick. Say an accident or I stand up too fast when I haven’t eaten enough that day etc etc… I know the signs and I know how to keep myself from actually passing out. I also have to be very aware of how much/often I eat and drink. 
Needless to say, I couldn’t stop this one. During everything I sat down and then stood back up (not smart) for Brad to clean my hand and of course I felt the passing out again so he had me sit and that’s the last I remember before waking up to him yelling into the phone why 911 wasn’t answering and saying my name trying to wake me. Good thing Brad was there to catch me. Apparently I went limp, my eyes rolled back, mouth twitched, and then peed (very embarrassing but it happened, thank you childbirth). Once this happened he made the decision to call for help. And of course when the paramedics arrived they were quite worried about my blood pressure so in goes and IV and off in the ambulance I go. After a quart of fluid and some x-rays (to check for debris) they let me go home. Feeling much better now of course. Just a little residual hand pain which causes difficulty when I grip things. But it should be all fine in another day or so. 
We definitely had some excitement to start our week. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse! Of course it was a good reminder to be more watchful of my own health, I know I have been very focused on the little guy but I have to be aware that part of being a good mom is taking care of me. Lesson learned!
Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend! 
Next up Valentines Day… I can’t wait to cook something delicious! And maybe decorate a little too 🙂

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