Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone! 
Even though some consider this a Hallmark holiday… I love to celebrate it.
In our house I make sure we all know how much we’re loved all year round. 
Today… it’s just nice to make a big deal out of it. 
Especially since it’s Cash’s very first one!
Right about now I’m wishing I had been a little more on top of it this year. 
I should’ve made some sort of delicious treat.  Mostly because I’m really wanting some chocolate. But we have been watching what we eat lately so instead I made us some very delicious fish tacos with salmon, cabbage, avocado, feta and flax tortillas. I also made a small apple crisp which of course involves a funny story… it seems Cash wanted to help. More nutmeg. Being the multitasking mama that I am, I had Cash in the baby bjorn while mixing the topping, he was having a fussy afternoon and just wanted to cuddle with me. So just as I was pouring in nutmeg, BOOM he through his head back and in goes an excessive amount right into the bowl. Of course my thought process (instead of just starting over) was I’ll add more of other ingredients, hey I was in a hurry. I gave it to Brad without trying it… oh man his face was priceless. And of course when I told him the story he just laughed and said apparently Cash thought I needed more nutmeg. 
We didn’t go crazy today just a nice evening as a family watching some basketball 🙂 
Until Brad I never was a fan, but I have to say his passion for it only makes me enjoy the game. It may not be my favorite sport but I am certainly learning more about it. I like to think I am knowledgeable when it comes to most sports but I know I am very behind in the area of basketball. So I continue to watch & learn, mostly so I wont get lost once Cash is older and the two of them have the inevitable endless hours of sports conversations! Good think I like Sports Center!
Here are a few photos from Cash’s 1st Valentines Day!

this morning we cuddled in bed
first outfit of the day… until he spit up 🙂
he doesn’t really look happy to be single
Don’t worry after this I told him Daddy & I were his Valentines & he perked right up!

We went and checked the mail…
where we got cards from Great Grandma Bette and some Dr. Seuss books

Then we had a little photo shoot in his adorable shirt from Grandma Wen

looking mischievous

Brad calls this the “Bubba” look

My Valentine sent me the sweetest e-card to show how much my boys appreciated me.
He also gave me a day at the spa… I’ve really never had a facial and it’s part of the package! 
Oh boy I can’t wait to go and get pampered! 
 I hope everyone had a wonderful day with the one’s they love… no matter if it’s your significant other, kid(s), family, friends, or even just yourself. Today was a day to just spread love! and Enjoy life!

One thought on “Happy Love Day!!

  1. Cash is the cutest lil Valentine of all! Can't wait to see him next month & listen to his stories. Only comment about the wonderful dinner… did Brad cut the Avacado? : ) love you all a bunch, Mom, GmaB!


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