Asking the Bridesmaids box

Let the Wedding madness begin!

So I haven’t posted about this much… But we are (I am) in full wedding planning swing lately.

Officially the date has been set
September 14th, 2013

I can’t even tell you how excited I am. And overwhelmed… I just keep reminding myself it will all get done! Right? *insert nervous laugh* Thank goodness for mom(s), family members, & bridesmaids!
Speaking of bridesmaids… I can finally post about the amazingness that I crafted to ask each of these lovely ladies! I was fully inspired by pinterest, who isn’t these days right. So I took from 3-4 different ideas and crafted my own little box of fun for my girls. In the 2 days I spent crafting I was just so excited to send these out and get their reactions! So now that the boxes have all made it to their destinations… I can post all about the fun I had putting them together.
Being that our wedding is in the fall… we are going with somewhat of a rustic theme.
And we have finally agreed on a color scheme of oranges, reds & browns. You know Fall. ūüôā
I also really like the ombre look lately and am thinking it would look great to have the bridesmaids in different colors (this way indecisive me doesn’t have to pick just 1 color).
So I wanted to include a pretty homemade champagne glass and of course the drink to fill it with!
Especially since each of the 3 wonderful ladies I asked have “stresses”. ¬†One has small children & a full time job, another two kids under 2 (sometimes mommy’s need a drink) and the 3rd is currently living with her in-laws (no explanation needed… don’t get me wrong they’re nice people… but still).¬†
So I got to work creating an ombre glitter glass in golds & oranges. 
It was fairly easy using¬†Martha Stewart Mulit-surface Craft Paint¬†in Glitter, your choice of color {my colors are: florentine gold, fire opal and copper}; my applicator of choice is also from Martha Stewart Craft‚Äôs line, the foam pouncers ‚Äď so easy to use and so easy to clean!
I used this tutorial to craft the diy glam champagne glass
It was pretty easy… I took 2 days to make sure that it dried enough and my colors blended well.¬†
Here’s the finished product…
I also made a t-shirt for each girl. Instead of the typical “bridesmaid/maid of honor” printed on the front I used the idea of sporty looking shirts with the numbers representing how many years we have known each other. This seems much more personal to me & more fitting, as we are all more the athletic type.¬†
It was so simple to iron on these flocked letters and numbers. 
And the neon orange is perfect for Brad’s wedding color idea of “Suns orange” haha.
In each box I included a special letter to the recipient with a neat paragraph asking them to be part of my bridal party.¬†This was truly a blend of my own words & the many ideas I have found with poems & fun sayings to ask your friends.¬†Not sure if you can read it…¬†but it finishes with “Lastly will you hold my dress when I pee” and “I couldn’t say I do without you” Please say you’ll be my…¬†
I took these recollections storage boxes from Micheals (which I got on killer clearance for only $1.50 a piece) & glitzed them up a bit with a piece of glitter scrapbook paper glued to the inside of the lid.
I taped a piece of glittered ribbon to the bottom and layed down tissue paper.
Then I carefully arranged all of the items inside the boxes.
And of course bubble wrapped all of the glass before I wrapped them up and tied pretty bows. 
Which was no easy task the glittered ribbon was pretty stiff.
In the end they turned out great! 
I know each of the girls was very surprised…& it was so fun to be crafty
Next up… Save the dates, Invitations, Signs for our chairs, various decor & wedding favors.

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