April update

Wow, where did the month of April go??
It’s amazing how fast time flies. 
The last 3 weeks have been spent working, working and even more working for us. 
I was gone all of this last weekend coaching at our big tournament. It was so much fun (as always) but so exhausting and I got a ridiculous amount of sunshine. My tan lines are stellar… And of course I missed lil man every minute! Lucky for me Brad brought him up at the end of the day Saturday so I could take him to the coaches dinner and spend a little time with him before he went to bed for the evening. Of course Cash was the star of the dinner, doted on every minute and everyone raved how good of a baby he is. They really couldn’t believe how happy he is. (sometimes I can’t either, it’s pretty awesome) I have to say, this kid sure does know when to put on a show and when to let mommy & daddy have it haha. On Sunday night the poor lil’ guy was so tired he took 2 naps once I was home, then after oatmeal & a bath he went down for the night. I think we might have confused him/his schedule with me being gone so much. But we’ll get back into the routine quickly.
Mostly this month we’ve just been enjoying watching our little one grow! 
He gets more amazing to me every single day. 
With all of his facial expressions, movements and in his chubby glory this mama is hooked. 
And if it’s possible I’m pretty sure I fall in love with him more and more each day. 
oh hey
he thinks I’m so funny

I’m just chillen’
this cracks me up he looks just like his daddy watching sports haha
Our adventures in rice/oatmeal cereal are still progressing. It’s so funny the faces he makes while eating it. He loves to suck on the spoon. And usually spits out more than he swallows. Brad tries a little each time I feed him but after a few bites he tends to lose patience with the slow spit out and baby giggles. But he’s always right there cheering him on to eat. It’s quite the show.
Poor Cash, we’re pretty sure he thinks sometimes how did I draw these two nuts in the parent lottery.
What we lack in experience we make up for with love, fun and more love!
I think thats what matters most anyway.
In just a couple days Cash and I will be hopping on a plane and leaving daddy behind for the weekend.
It’s just a mini trip to Washington to do wedding planning and of course visit with family.
I’m only a little stressed about how the munchkin will be on the plane with just me. He was so perfect the first time he flew, how can we top that? Especially with only half the parent force there!
Aw well, it should be just fine! We are flying very early in hopes for sleep and if nothing else I do possess the all mighty powerful boob (it beats him every time) 🙂

So with only 2 more days of work. A house to clean up, packing to do and then the usual weekly stuff to fit in all before Wednesday morning… you could say I’ll be busy! Lucky for me that’s how I like it!
So off I go.
Washington Family we will see you soon…
Happy Monday Friends!

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