I know I know where did I go?

Oops… I’ve definitely been putting this on the back burner. You know it’s bad when you find yourself reading other peoples blog updates on your phone at night & think shoot I didn’t post again today. 
Since we’ve been back home I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. I kept thinking telling myself it was just allergies but now I’m starting to wonder… I’m going with, I have simply run myself down too much. So this one will be short & sweet.

For now I just have some life updates & future post teasers…

Sometime very soon I will definitely do a post on Cash & my Washington Weekend.

Pretty sure I’ve subconsciously given up on Cash eating solids just yet. After Avocados, Bananas, & Sweet Potato… I’m waiting a couple weeks and starting over with just the cereal.

Not sure if I will coach with this organization another season. It might be time to find something else.

I just might actually get my real estate license. (Cause serving just isn’t cutting it)

Had the scariest parenting moment of my life to date. It was 12 days ago. And I’m still having  flashbacks/nightmares/very scary thoughts.

Cash found his feet. Rolled over completely. Figured out how to turn his walker. Is full on blowing bubbles. And is pretty much the smartest baby ever.

I purchased my Wedding Dress!!!! Got our Save the Dates (which I dislike) Now the hunt is on for really awesome invitations. Considering it’s only 4 months & 8 days away I should really get a move on

In just 2 days my son will be 5 months old!

And here are a couple fun recent pictures

OH yeah… Happy Cinco De Mayo! 
We weren’t very festive this year… I wish I felt better. 
Oh well. Next Holiday we’ll knock outta the park!
Have a great week!

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