Ca$h is 5 Months!

Yet another month has come and gone…. our lil’ nugget is getting bigger & bigger! 
I know I say this every month but I still can’t believe how quick it goes. We have so much fun with him. Brad keeps saying he can’t wait until Cash can walk and talk (I can!). 
But I know he secretly loves just how Cash is now.

This months Stats…
Weight: 19lbs 5ounces. I definitely got this number by standing on the scale with him & just subtracting my weight. (hey, it works for me!)
Height: unknown. at next months checkup we will have a better idea
Head Circ: also unknown until next month
Clothing: Filling out those 6 month clothes. Hopefully I’m rotating them often enough so he’s able to wear them all before he needs the next size. And of course I want to shop for more cause there is so much cute summer stuff out. But I’m staying out of any stores just to prevent myself from buying!
Feeding: This spoon feeding thing is touch and go for him. I am finally giving in and giving him a few foods from the jar. Disclaimer: I did study the labels and choose the ones with the least amount of ingredients though (no this doesn’t make me crazy, just a mom wanting whats best). He seems to like them a little better.
Sleeping: Naps have shortened some. But he still takes 3 a day. Bedtime is a little late for my liking but it means we all get to sleep in so I’m really not complaining. 
Milestones: Rolling from front to back to front to back. He scoots around on his tummy. And walking EVERYWHERE in his walker. It’s pretty fun to see how quick he moves. Cash has found his feet and loves to grab them and try to get one to his mouth. His grasp has gotten stronger, especially when he wrestles (Brad may or may not direct the bear lol) the teddy bear (Rex).

Enjoying Oatmeal

Wrestling Rex
We tried a 5 month photo shoot (I keep forgetting the chalkboard darn it)

look it’s my foot

hey dad what are you doing?
really mom? over it
Happy Boy!!

And our day ends with a very sweet sleepy boy
Goodnight All…

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