April Wedding Planning Trip

I promised a post about our recent trip… 
Cash & I had quite the mini vacation to Washington at the end of last month.
We really missed Daddy.
But, It was pretty fun to fly just us two. People really are so nice.

He did great on our flight there (like always…) Even on the way home he was pretty good (we had a rough take off and he got fussy but once we were up he was just fine sleeping in my arms).
Our whole weekend vacation was pretty darn fun! 
Of course Cash got to do lots of visiting… Good thing he loves “new” people.
And, I got some big stuff done when it comes to wedding planning.
On Thursday, We met with the Reception coordinator to talk details, then the linens place to pick out the table set-up, and of course stopped at Dukes to check out our Rehearsal Dinner spot.

Friday we ran a few errands with mom (grandma)
And then had waaayyy too much fun with the Bumbo lol

Poor kid is never gonna like these pictures haha!
next we went tux shopping (FAIL) 

but we did find tie options

followed by my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary dinner
These two have made it 60 Years!! And still going strong!

  great shots of great grandpa playing on the floor with Cash

and then we ended the night visiting with the Antrim family.

Saturday we headed to shop for THE DRESS
Only 1 appointment, a couple hours, and a few (like 20) dress changes
And what do you know…
(note the all caps, is my excitement coming through yet?)
For Obvious reasons I’m not posting any pictures on here. And my mom has promised me that she deleted all photos she had/has of me in the dress (right mom?!).
So everyone will just have to wait 4 months & 5 days until the Big Day!!
But here is our celebratory toast at lunch after we purchased it.
Much thanks to my lovely Matron of Honor, Flower Girl & wonderful Mother 
for being part of this special day!
Also while we were visiting Cash had his very first sink bath…
WARNING: Cuteness Overload!!
This face is the Cutest thing EVER!!!
Sunday we spent some time with most of the cousins on my dads side. I have a ton few more pictures from that day too. Cash loves seeing all of these people!
He really liked second cousin Kayci (probably because she helped me give him a bottle)

Hey Uncle Wesley 
with second cousin Annabelle
with great grandma Bonnie
All in All we had lots of fun seeing everyone. 
The next time we head up will be July. 
Which will be probably the busiest week ever! Between family stuff & wedding stuff.
One of these days we will just take a vacation to vacation… Oh wait that’s what a Honeymoon is for…
Ah well. Eventually we will take one. 
Here is one more picture of our sons extreme cuteness from the flight home
Thats all for now!
Have a wonderful night Friends!

One thought on “April Wedding Planning Trip

  1. Of course I deleted them!! Cant wait for July and the fittings… and to have Cash here again – oh and you and brad too… : )
    The weekend was wonderful and I'm looking forward to coming there to help with some more of the wedding details – and to spend time with Cash in June!! Yes there is a trend : )


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