1st Mother’s Day

Sadly I woke up Sunday morning with some kind of awful stomach bug/virus/flu/food poisoning…. we really don’t know. So I spent most of my very 1st Mother’s Day in bed. in pain.
But I’m not crying over this or anything because my boys still managed to take GREAT care of me!
I woke up to the sweetest card from Cash (go daddy for being on top of this one) complete with some gift cards to do a little clothes shopping. This is funny to me as before our date last Friday, I may have been complaining that I don’t have cute tops as I pulled on a maternity tank top (I can’t get away from them they are so stretchy and they fit even with my body back to “normal”). 
It’s good to know he is always listening 🙂 
Brad also made breakfast, 
this isn’t too out of the ordinary for him, but he got fancy and attempted pancakes. 
If you remember from this post sometimes pancakes get the better of him. So it was very sweet of him to try again. And they were delicious! Except for my darn stomach. I ate anyway & went off to work. Where, lucky me was an extra, they sent me home as soon as everyone showed up for their shift. Considering the state of my insides, this was a very good thing. I then spent most of the day rotating between the couch, bathroom, bed, and occasionally floor with Cash. 

Brad made a quick run for pedialyte and other stuff to help before he went to dinner with his parents. I’m bummed Cash & I missed it. But there will certainly be others. 
Once he got home he made me eat some soup and then we just relaxed.
I also got cards from both Mom’s in my life. They were very sweet! And I’m so impressed they found “1st Mom Day” cards. 
So all in all it really was a pretty special day.
It was nice to spend so much time with my boys. 
And I will definitely remember my very first mothers day!
Hey they can only get better from here! 
I hope all of you special Moms out there enjoyed your day!! 

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