Save the Dates & Wedding Invites

Save the Dates are all mailed!!
Thank goodness for my awesome Future Mother in Law.
She came over Monday and helped me to hand address & double check all of them.
Somehow we managed to get them all done, talk with the AC repair guy – who was also there just servicing our air conditioning units (a must do in Arizona with our scorching summers), 
and keep Cash corralled in about a 2 hour time span.
Next up I need to find invitations. I mentioned before that I’m not really happy with our Save the Dates. My reasoning is the quality of the paper. I’m in love with the design/style but the paper looks so cheap!
I was super bummed when I opened the box and saw in person how they looked. 
Obviously I got over it and just sent them out. 
Cause I know, not everything will be perfect & they still look cute!
I got them from Vistaprint
Which means Stellar Deal! But the quality didn’t make me happy.
And I love the matching invites/menus/ everything. But I just want better caliber.
My next plan is to call them & see if I can request the paper type?
Any ideas on other places to use for wedding invites?
Remember we don’t want to break the bank here!

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