While Daddy’s Away

Mommy & Baby Shall Play
Yep. Brad is once again away on a short business trip. Don’t take this the wrong way, I completely understand why he has to travel and fully support his job. But I can still miss him.
Most trips he is typically only gone for 4-7 days. This time it’s the short end! Woo Hoo!
And I know he enjoys going to Colorado. Lucky man gets to mix in a little fun when he travels there. 
Who know’s maybe the next trip will be somewhere that he can take us with him.
(I’m not holding my breath on that one)
So while he’s gone… Cash and I have lot’s of fun!
Thank goodness Brad’s parents haven’t snowbirded away to Washington just yet. 
I’m just not ready for childcare (emotionally or the cost $$$). 
I found the nifty-est new app! 
Which I’m sure I will have waaayyy too much fun with.
It’s called A Beautiful Mess
Oh goodness… I’m trying not to overdo it but I may not be able to help myself. HaHa

And I probably overdid it!
It’s just full of fun borders, fonts, doodles & phrases… I would write this stuff on photos myself if I still printed them out. Hmmm… Scrapbook project anyone???? Yeah in my spare time!

And we are having so much fun with foods!
Cash has discovered he can grab the spoon and feed himself.
Oh My Mess!
It’s too cute not to record though.
Here he Grabs the spoon
Don’t mind our Disney music in the background (Pandora is awesome!)
we were having a dance party during breakfast.

Is there something on my face?

Sweet Potato Deliciousness


We also are almost ready to crawl.
Honestly it could be any day now…
Oh but I’m so ok with him taking months to figure it out.
Once he starts he’ll never stop! This I’m sure of!
Here is him scooting around
He seems to have mastered backwards scooting 🙂

In all our fun. I’m still managing to get plenty of work done. A couple of OG shifts, Coaching stuff, and of course housework. Crazy me cleaned out our entire fridge yesterday. It really was only going to be the one sticky shelf, but Cash was conked out (snoring) after breakfast so… I figured why not go ahead & clean out the whole thing. —-> Yes it helped that I danced rocked out to Disney on Pandora during this too. We’ve also done a little shopping… hey Mother’s Day gift cards can’t go to waste.

It’s been a fun-filled week. Just one more day until Daddy is home!
I know Cash is starting to wonder where he is. And I can’t wait either.

Happy Friday Friends!

One thought on “While Daddy’s Away

  1. You are pretty amazing!! Hope your weekend is great, I really enjoyed our FaceTime on Friday. Your timing is pretty darn good?!


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