Chipping away @ little Wedding details

Isn’t if funny how the smallest details can make such a big difference when planning an event or party. Of course now that our big day is only 
3 months & 15 days 
away, I am thinking of each and every little detail. 
The way I see it is we’re only doing this thing once and we should make it as special as possible. 
So if that means I must obsess about finding the perfect personalized coasters (which I may or may not be doing) or waiver back and forth about dress colors (definitely did) or drive into downtown Phoenix just to pick up a sale item (haven’t done yet), then so be it!!! No it doesn’t make me crazy just one with a great appreciation for attention to detail, a tad bit of a control freak, and possibly a perfectionist —> ask my mom about that she’ll tell you it’s true!
Plus, as I said…. We’re only doing this once people! Perfection (as much as life can be) is not unrealistic
In the last few weeks I can honestly say I’ve probably spent hours scouring pinterest boards, wedding links, party sites, discount wedding sites and just plain googling shit stuff. But I’m having fun!
Minimal stress thus far. I’m really just trying to tackle things one at a time and as early as possible.
On that note If you happen to know a good DJ in the Pacific Northwest… PLEASE Please Puhlease… Comment his/her information. We will be taking a few more trips up to Washington than planned so I would love to actually meet a great DJ! And feel great about booking them (cause I know it’s gonna cost a pretty penny).
I’ve made a few changes and picked out just the right things.
I’m super excited that I can finally order our invitations. Remember how unhappy I was with our Save the Dates? Well, Silly me has found out that Vistaprint is actually great… that is when you select a higher quality of paper! I honestly don’t think that was an option when I was ordering a couple months ago. But who knows, I vaguely remember being a little distracted when trying to order. 
And I changed our wedding colors to fit just what I wanted originally. Peach & Gray anyone??
I mean… Why would I set myself up to have a “If I could re-do my wedding” pin board?? I mean lets just pick what I want know. This doesn’t mean I wont eventually have a “if I could re-do my wedding with an endless bank account” board. HAHA
I also picked up from Cost Plus World Market… this great 2 gallon drink dispenser
Which is absolutely perfect for our cocktail hour, immediately following the outdoor ceremony. This blue is the perfect match to our accent color that I only want a few hints of. Score! I think I’m going to have to go back and get the clear one just so I can make some sort of peach colored drink for it to really match our colors. The best part is all I can think of is re-using these for years to come!! Double Score!
I have a few more things to order but mostly I just need to get crafty.
Things like mini-chalkboards, glittery votive holders, programs and wedding party gifts!
So much fun will be happening soon.
Poor Brad. He actually asked me what I’m going to do when this thing is over.
Haha… Did he forget how much I like crafty projects?? C’mon Guy! 
I promise to keep posting. But I can’t share all my secrets! 
Some must be saved for the big day and many many many posts after the wedding!

2 thoughts on “Chipping away @ little Wedding details

  1. Ok first of all…LOVE THE BLUE GLASS DRINK DISPENSER!!!!!!!

    Second..I do have a “Redu Wedding” Board….but I didn't know pinterest existed when my wedding was being planned. Love it!!!

    Anyway Love you and LOVE LOVE everything you are doing!!!! Talk soon again!


  2. Perfectionist…. Yep that's just how I refer to you sweetheart : ) love you and love how you are working thru the details. Always remember it is yours and Brad's special day and it is also one day in the rest of your life together! Enjoy the moments!


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