Memorial Day Recap

I’m a little behind (we’ve been busy) but I really didn’t want to leave out this Holiday. 
Memorial Day is such a special holiday. One that we should all celebrate as often as possible. 
I am truly proud to be American and am eternally grateful to all of those who serve our country. What they are willing to sacrifice so that we can be free every day is such a blessing. So much of my family has served which makes me very proud and a little sad that I didn’t have the balls to myself. 
Instead I celebrate those of you that did and continue to do so. 
Being that we are new homeowners we still have much to do/put up/change in and around our house. So I am making it a goal that we get a flag up this summer at least before the 4th of July! —>
 It’s only one more thing added to the list!
This year for Memorial Day we didn’t get crazy or have a big BBQ we simply spent time with family. Had a nice morning and then an afternoon golfing with Brad’s folks followed by a lovely dinner. It was a gorgeous Arizona day (as always) and I would’ve loved some pool time… but we’ll get to that plenty this summer I’m sure of it!
Here are a few photos of our day.

And although I’m a little late… It’s really never to late to honor them!
 Thank you so much to all that defend our country!
God Bless!

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