Baby & Real Foods

Baby Cash Loves to Eat!!!
But if you’ve seen even one picture of our boy you knew this already 🙂
He definitely doesn’t miss out on meals!
We started him on solid foods right when he turned 4 months. 
I know some people say this is a big no no. But our pediatrician said go for it. Never, did we pressure him into it, if he turned away (which almost never happens) we stopped and tried again another day. I am by no means ready for him to grow up, nor do I want to push him faster than he’s ready to do things, it just felt right to try so we did. And boy were we spot on!

In the past 2 months our little man has tried….
Sweet Potato
Green Beans
And loved all of them. 
Although lately he really isn’t thrilled with bananas (which seems strange to me) it just depends on his mood. Who doesn’t get picky with what they want to eat certain days though?
I can’t tell who is having more fun with his eating… Me, him, his dad, or even his grandmas.
It’s pretty darn cute to watch his reactions when he tries something new.
What isn’t so cute is the aftermath in his diapers later that day or even the next day HAHA
He also has become so curious with whatever we are eating around him. He watches very closely as we take bites and usually gives a look like “my turn now”. So cute!

The joys of being a parent and seeing things through your child’s eyes.
It’s all so brand new & magical again!

Bring on the Food Mom!

Life is Wonderful!

Happy Monday friends!

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