Tuesday Travels (yet again)

This lil’ Munchkin is only 3 days away from 6 months old!!
So hard for me to believe! 
It’s like he was just born and then I blinked and BAM 6 whole months went by!
Good thing we are enjoying every day huh!
Today we are jet setting (yes again) off to Washington so spend a few days visiting family.
It all started out as a business trip (to Portland) for Brad, which he wanted us to tag along rather than stay home again by ourselves (AWESOME) so we were all set to surprise the grandmas. Then he had to cancel his trip (not so awesome) and we learned that our ticket, which we got a smokin’ deal on, would cost a ridiculous $$$$ change fee so instead we are just taking the trip minus daddy (BOO)!

Ah well… I’m sure we will manage to have a good time.
But we will certainly miss him every day!
On the bright side, I can get some more wedding stuff done. And visit all the family!
So… we’re off!
(Think happy thoughts for me about this plane ride) 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!

-xo Jen-

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