Cash’s 1/2 Birthday!

Well we had a very exciting week/end… Not only were we in Washington visiting family. We checked off lots of important things off the wedding to-do list (that’s for another post). But we also celebrated Cash turned 6 Months Old!!!
Of course I couldn’t let the day go by without a candle & some singing!
Funny it was also National Donut Day!!
How convenient for our celebration! 
So, we stopped by the super delicious Legendary Donuts by my parents house and got a little box of sugary treats. I also lit the candle for my brother when he came by (after all it was his actual birthday).

Cash poked the donut with his finger. And got just a little hint of the sugar. But he didn’t seem too impressed. Glad we can save that for his 1st Birthday!
Wow! That’s all that goes through my head every time I stop and think or just look at our sweet baby. It’s so amazing having him in our lives. The adventure grows each day!
Being that we were out of town his actual checkup was pushed back just a couple of days. 
We went to the pediatrician today and I am able to report only great things!
Now that Cash is 6 months I am putting my foot down & kicking him out of our bed. Not that I don’t love sleeping next to him, it’s just time. If not now, honestly we will end up those parents of a 2 year old still in our bed every night. And let’s be real that’s no fun for anyone. After a less than successful attempt last night my big question for the doc was how to I get him to soothe himself? 
Honestly, I can’t help but think have I ruined it? spoiled him? baby-ed him too much? 
But our pediatrician reassured me…. 1st kid (any of your kids), this young, NO WAY!!
He simply gave me great advice on how to make the transition smooth. Start his bedtime routine as normal. Bath, Story time, a little rocking while feeding (but don’t let him fall asleep), then it’s up to bed. Leave the room but go in to comfort him (without picking him up) after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes and so on. Keep doubling the time until they fall asleep on their own. He made sure to tell me that no kid has ever been injured because of crying. 
So tonight I took the good doctors advice and gave it a try. And what do you know…. Cash didn’t even make it to the 40 minute check. As I sit here typing this after only 30 anxious for mommy minutes, I look at the monitor, and he’s sound asleep. Night 1 success!! We will see how the rest of the week goes

Here are his 6 month Stats….
Weight: 21 pounds. He is in the 94th percentile. It feels like more, let me tell you. He just feels like a bag of bricks, the good side to this is my arms are getting super toned (Hey wedding dress)
Height: 28 inches. 92nd percentile. I hope this means he’s gonna be tall 🙂
Head Circ: 17 inches. This is the 40th percentile. Seriously? His head really doesn’t look small to me. 
Clothing: Lil Man is getting close to being too long for 6 month clothes. And of course his chubbiness is still in full force! 🙂 I may pull out some 9 month stuff soon. Cause his pjs are getting a little tight.
Feeding: In the last month we have really upped his real food intake. (see this post for all past the details). After our chat with the pediatrician today I am increasing it even more. Starting today he got 3 square meals. Plus a snack and then nursed a little right before bed. 
Sleeping: Over the last week this has been a small nightmare for me. He has been really fighting sleep. But now that we are home I’m sticking to a routine and determined to get him back on track. 10am nap, 2pm nap, short 5pm nap and 9pm bedtime (today was close to that minus the 10am and he actually fell asleep at 9:30). We will get there…
Milestones: Oh gosh he is sooo close to crawling. His rocking is out of control and he’s scooting all over the place. Lately he has really taken to imitating us, it’s really funny to see him blow raspberries, pretend cough, try to sneeze, and it’s the cutest thing when he yawns and makes noise. His facial expressions have gotten so animated. Along with his cries. Boy does this kid have our number when it comes to fussing. He knows he just has to start and we will respond (uh oh, time for mommy & daddy to get tough). He has been getting a lot stronger, sitting on his own for short periods of time and tonight he was sitting up for longer than he ever has. It’s really fun when he tries to crawl and he rolls to one side and poses. (My mom compares it to a Burt Reynolds centerfold & Brad sings Vogue when he does it). He is also grabbing everything and transferring toys (or whatever he’s holding) back and forth between hands.
Some Photo Fun

Packing for Washington
Love that smile!
I tried to get a 6 month picture with the #6 Block
He wasn’t having it!
He got his first taste of a pickle….
And LOVED it!
With his cousin EJo
J’d up and plaid shorts… Just Like Daddy

With that I hope you all have a wonderful week! I just know we will!!

One thought on “Cash’s 1/2 Birthday!

  1. He is just the most adorable baby boy…I really can't wait to meet him!! You are an amazing mom and i hope that I will be able to use all the advise you give out, sometime soon!


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