Productive Thursday… Or Was it?

 A whole morning on the phone?? Really.
Yep my day felt productive after each phone call but in the end now I’m not sure how well I did. haha
I do know that I managed to check quite a few “life” things off of my to-do list. 
And somehow added a few more onto it. But hey, we keep on rolling.
New with us:
We had a little play date yesterday…
Here is Cash & Carter just hanging out together.
Wedding planning is, of course, in full swing! I promise I will add some updates soon! 
**Countdown has begun for Mom to arrive and stuff invitations with me** 
Only 1 week!!

Our munchkin is still getting used to sleeping in his own bed/room. 
*There will be a separate post once we make it through the first full week*

Cash is also eating 3 meals a day!

I’m really trying to step my blog game up… This is such a great outlet for me. Not only creatively, but to journal, keep a neat record, connect with others, and hopefully one day fund my shopping habits. Lets be honest why wouldn’t I want to make a little money doing something I love?? and I am a girl so I do love to shop, but the funds are tight with the little one and upcoming wedding. With that I’m researching and learning from other blogs how to do this thing… I mean how else to you learn about Blog Etiquette, html codes, and all the other Internet mumbo jumbo? (I kinda feel like an old person just learning about the Internet. I really thought I was tech savvy. yeah right!)
Did a new chalkboard….
And just trying to keep up with laundry, dishes…. my kid! 🙂
With all honesty… Life is a Wonderful thing!
Enjoy the little moments! I am!
Happy Thursday Folks!
-xo jen-

One thought on “Productive Thursday… Or Was it?

  1. Cant wait! make sure Cash's floaty is ready to go!! and lots of sunscreen!… of course we have some very important activities to do and tasks to accomplish, but I know there will be plenty of Cash/Gma time : 0


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