Father’s Day

I have a pretty amazing Father. He is my biggest supporter (no matter how bad I mess up), my go-to for advice on just about every single life topic, cheerleader, role model, and the very first man in my life. I have always felt secure and loved unconditionally (by both parents). I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. Our relationship is so great I can’t imagine life without him around. As I watch my grandparents age… It’s a huge fear of mine & I hope it’s a very very long time before I have to experience that.

Even though we now live in a different state than my parents I know I can always call them for whatever I (we) may need. It’s great to have that feeling. I hope one day Cash feels that way about us!
Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!
I also have another very special man in my life… the father to our precious son (who seems to make an appearance in every post I create 🙂 #imstillanewmommy). Brad has become such a wonderful father. I knew that he would be a great dad (after all he has an amazing role model as a father) but every day Brad seems to surprise me even more than the day before. I never knew how much I really loved him until I saw how much he loves Cash. It’s so special to see that bond between father & son and watching it grow is such a blessing. I can’t wait to marry him in just a few short months! 
I just Love this… You can see how much Cash adores his daddy! 
Meanwhile Brad is telling him secrets…
We celebrated with a delicious brunch (if I do say so myself)
Lots of relaxing.
A nice dinner with Brad’s Uncle Jack, Aunt Susan & brother Keith.
And then came home to Brad’s favorite childhood dessert. 
Affectionately called “Prissy Cake” after his great Aunt Priscilla
I haven’t perfected the recipe but I’m not giving up yet… I learned a few tricks that should get it closer.
It was a wonderful day! I know he felt loved!
Cash looks so proud to be with daddy in this one!
I hope you each had a great day with the Dad(s) in your life!
We certainly did…
Off to bed now

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