Listening To: Pandora Kids Radio… yep. That is what our morning consist of. Lil man loves to dance around. We switch between a few channels when one starts getting repetitive, but overall it’s great background music for the whole house.

Reading: Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand.
When I was in Washington recently I grabbed a couple of summer reads from my mom (she always has so many books it’s great). Now I’m really into the meat of this one and it’s keeping me on my toes. I just read a part last night about a baby dying of SIDS (I cried and have been watching Cash super close since of course). I even had to stop myself from reading ahead just so I could know what Demeter said to Penny that made her crazy enough in the moment to drive a car full of her friends off a cliff. I know it sounds intense and parts of it are. But it has love in it too. I tend to gravitate towards fictional books that I can get a little lost in and always seem to make a small comparison to something in my life. That’s what makes reading fun!

Thinking About: All the wedding stuff I still need to do. And paying bills. Have you ever wished you had a money tree? I know it wont complete my happiness or anything but it would certainly make life a little easier. Hmm… for now I guess I will just not stress, cause that never helps anything!

Eating: Ground Turkey, Eggs & Avocado on a whole wheat English muffin. Yes, it is 12:30 in the afternoon. Usually we eat have a morning snack and then a later brunch. It just works well with our schedule, between Cash’s eating, workouts, my never set work schedule and Brad working from home, it may change every day but we make it work for us.

Watching: We are really stuck on Bar Rescue & Restaurant Impossible. We get so wrapped up in each episode haha. But it’s nice (now that Cash goes down at 9) to have time in the evenings just Brad & I.

Feeling Thankful: For how blessed we are in general. I got to thinking (maybe it’s the book, or our upcoming wedding) but lately when I look at Cash and Brad, I get this overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude.

Bummed Out On: It’s just a little to hot to have the little guy out at the pool lately. We were hoping for some serious pool time this summer… but here in good ‘old Phoenix we are already having pretty consistent temps of 103++ Definitely going to have to get out there in the early morning sometime soon

Current Obsession: My chalkboard!! I am having so much fun finding quotes that others have done and duplicating them on mine. One day (when I get better) I will branch out more and design my own creations. For now I’m getting in lots of practice with different styles and fonts. So much fun! I think even Brad is enjoying it, maybe

Loving: Cash crawling around the house. I don’t even care that he goes all over and we are constantly chasing him. Or that his little dirty knees show me just how badly my floors need to be cleaned (that can wait).  He is just so stinking cute when he’s exploring!

Excited About: Mom is coming to town. We have so many plans for the quick weekend that she’ll be here. Wedding Invitations, Pool time, Shoe shopping, and lots of G-ma babysitting/mommy & daddy escapes HAHA It should be a great time for all!

I got this idea from a blog I follow… I love her style of writing and her son Hank is too cute. Check out Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. And thanks for the idea!

Now it’s off to enjoy the rest of the day. And figure out just what we’re having for dinner tonight.
Enjoy all that you’re Tuesday has to offer!

One thought on “Currently

  1. All my bags are packed I'm ready to go – cant wait to be at your door and see my grandson crawl and smile and play. Hmmm have to work on my lyrics! it's going to be a great weekend in AZ! See you all soon : )


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