Invitations Mailed

Sorry this post is a little behind… I seem to have caught a bug. As I lay on the couch sweating out my 101.4 fever, I realized that I really need to update this bad boy. I was doing pretty well posting frequently but as it happens… Life seems to take over.
So lets back track a little, cause the baby is in bed, Brad is working and clearly with these horrible body aches I’m not moving for awhile.
We had a very fun weekend!
Grammy B (my mom) came to visit… not only to see the little one but mostly so we could get the wedding invitations mailed! And after some running around and a couple of late nights (along with lots of fun fit in) we managed to get them all addressed, stuffed and sealed. 
I dropped them all into the mailbox after I took mom to the airport on Monday morning. Actually I rechecked my list 3 or 4 times first and debated a little more about how big the final number was & then finally sent them off. I keep hearing that the guest list is the hardest part… Boy is that true. 
I wish we had endless finances but lets be honest not many do & we are trying to have a fabulous wedding without breaking the bank. As much as we want every person we’ve ever had a part of our lives there to celebrate, oh wait. That’s right we don’t. What we really want is a lovely intimate ceremony and a nice party with our closest friends and family members. Hmmm… It’s hard to plan such an event without feeling like you’re being rude. So I caved a little and our ceremony number is higher than we initially planned, but at this point I don’t think it’s a big deal. 
No matter what I know we will all have a good time! 
It does feel nice to have one more big thing checked off of the list. 
Next up finding all of my fun accessories. Ordering the tuxes. And getting crafty! 
I’m so excited and I can’t really believe how quickly everything is happening. 
I mean we only have 78 days until the big day!
C R A Z Y Right…
While mom was here we also checked off another important wedding detail. My lovely mother found not only her rehearsal dinner dress, but her dress for the wedding day as well! She looks so great in both of them! I would share the pictures but that’s no fun… you’ll just have to be surprised later.
Coming up this week we are taking yet another trip to Seattle. And the best part is Brad is coming with! 
We are so lucky to have the chance to celebrate the 4th of July with all of our family. 
Of course we will have a few wedding errands to run. But mostly we plan on just enjoying our short visit. And by enjoy I mean we will be eating our way around the seafood capital of the Northwest. Good thing I’ve been working out huh.
In other news I have also dropped the crib to the lowest it can go. Along with taking the bassinet attachment completely out of the pack in play. And we are finally getting serious about baby proofing. It seems lil’ man is all about exploring now that he’s on the move. But that’s what make our lives so much fun right now!
And with that I’m headed to bed. I have to kick this so I can be ready to travel Saturday morning! 
Hope you’re all having a great week.

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