4th of July

We had an absolutely wonderful 4th of July. 
*The rest of our trip was somewhat of a chaotic blur of busy… mixed with a sleepless/cranky baby. Poor kid would only sleep attached to me, which made for a very sleep deprived mommy. But we made it through and we are back home now. So that means back to our normal routine… until our next little trip up to the great Northwest.*

Some fun in the sun with our lil munchkin.

But back to our lovely holiday.
On the 3rd we went to Emerald Downs with my family… To watch some horse racing (along with a little betting), do a little drinking, but mostly socialize. The little guy was passed around so much that he  was just plain tuckered out by about 9pm. We didn’t even stay for the fireworks that night. It was a little too much for him (good thing kids are resilient!!)
**Warning** Get ready for some picture overload!!!!!!!!!!

 My dad special ordered some ear protection for the little guy. He actually liked them!

We’re all ready to go have some fun!
Cash & his cousin Kayci Jo at Emerald Downs

We were blessed to be able to spend the 4th with those we love most. And at one of our favorite places ever! Brad’s parents summer home in Gig Harbor is just gorgeous. I mean even on a sort of cloudy day (which is of course how the 4th was in Washington) it’s paradise. 

We had a spread that filled us all up past the point of full 
Of course the Jenkins boys made sure we were up to our ears in fireworks. 
Them and the Burnett’s combined put on a show that rivaled beat the beach show!! Always the goal 🙂

This little series cracks me up. We just wanted to show his festive-ness

The hat was a little confusing…

“Ok I’ve got it now!”

Posing with the gorgeous backdrop
daddy & mommy were having fun too!
Cash & Mama. Hey!

Cash tried GranWen’s blackberry cobbler…

And Cash loved it!!!!

Pre-Firework Nap. Or was it a post cobbler coma? haha

Ok. I’m ready to go again.
Let the show begin!

This is his reaction to the fireworks!!!

A couple of big booms…. 

And during our big finale… He was out!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!
Don’t forget to give thanks to all those who fought (and still do fight) for our freedom!

From our family to yours Happy Independence Day!

Up next…
A little vacation post
Cash turns 7 Months!
Oh yeah and an official crawling post… haha!
More to come very soon.

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