7 Months Old

Yet another month has come & gone…
Baby boy is 7 Months!!

Sitting up like a big boy! 

Here is the update on him 🙂

Age: 7 Months old
Stats: By my scale measurements he weighs 21.1 lbs. But since we wont be back to the doctor for a couple months I’m not sure on height and head. He seems to be growing every time I turn around though.
Clothes: He’s certainly pushing out of 6 month clothes. I will occasionally try to squeeze him into some of them but lets be honest it’s only because he has such cute stuff and I want him to wear it more. Oh well looks like it’s onto the 9 months and some shopping for mommy!
Sleeping: When we are home he sleeps great. Still on the 9pm bedtime, 10 or 11am nap, 2pm nap and a short evening nap. When we travel he only seems to sleep in my arms, in the car or next to me. Lil’ turkey. But I know eventually we will break that. For now I’m so proud that he sleeps in his crib through the night and is able to put himself back to sleep if he wakes up. 
Eating:  Eating 3 solid food meals a day. Along with supplementing breast milk in the early morning (think 7am, that’s early for us), middle of the day (usually around 4pm) & about 10 minutes before bedtime (just to top him off). He loves to try new things. Pretty much anything that I put on a spoon towards his mouth it’s game on for him. When we were just on vacation we gave him a taste of clam chowder @ Anthony’s & Homemade Blackberry Cobbler. I’m perfectly ok with him trying everything, I really don’t want to have the picky kid who refuses to eat what we’re having for dinner (like his daddy was). So I’m going with he will start out eating what we’re eating (with a few exceptions until we hit the year mark) and he will just think it’s normal to love what we love. Good thing I’m not picky at all except for those pesky green peppers
Favorite Activities: Anything that is the middle of the action. All things that look or could possibly be dangerous. And anything that involves his Daddy. That kid adores him it’s the cutest thing. 
Favorite Toys: He has lots of favorite toys, I’m sure this is because his Dad has named all of them and they play together while talking to them. Barry the Bird, Gary (or Mr. Grice) the monkey, Ernie the elephant, Sammie the seahorse, Freddie & Frankie the frogs, Sophie the giraffe, and his absolute favorite Rex the teddy bear who is a big stuffed bear that Brad got me a few years back for Valentines Day he is now Cash’s wrestling buddy and his face just lights up when he sees him. Gosh I’m sure I forgot a few of the gang, the list is endless I have trouble keeping up, I’m throughly impressed that Brad does. He also loves water bottles but really what kid doesn’t. It’s too funny that he has so many toys and the plastic bottle can keep him entertained for hours.
Signature Moves: He’s big into crawling around and then stopping to sit up and look around. Daddy thinks he just gets tired so he needs a rest. But I like to think he’s just checking everything out. Cash is very interested in his surroundings and he hates to miss out on any of the action. I swear his head is on a swivel 24/7 especially when we’re out in public. One of our favorite moves is his side pose or as we have been known to call it the “Burt Reynolds” (yes as in Playgirl haha). He will lay on his side with his knee up and everything. It’s pretty darn funny.
Favorite Words: No actual words yet. Just a hilarious series of lalalalala, babababa, dadadada, mamamama, and ehhhhhhhhhhh Yes he seems to make that last sound for as long as possible usually when he’s very tired and we’re driving somewhere. I will say I swear he says Hi every once in awhile. I always respond back with hi. Also I’ve tried a little baby sign language, so far he hasn’t seemed to catch on but hey it’s worth a shot.
Nicknames: Bubba, Bubba J, Bob, Bobber, Bobby Bands, Punkin, Punky, Pumpkin Pie, Cash Money, Cashman, Lil Turkey 
Mom & Dad’s Proudest Moment: Hmm… this is a new section mostly so I can add our parenting goofups and funny memories. So of course I add it and I can’t think of a single thing to say. I’m sure we’ve messed up plenty over the past 7 months but can I think of anything right now. No. Shoot! That’s ok you’re still reading so come back next month there’s bound to be something hilarious.
Other Milestones: So much crawling. He has started pulling himself to stand. That’s only scary every time he does it! Lots of trying to open things and overall he’s just super curious about all of his surroundings. He does this chewing motion with his mouth with no sound usually when he’s hungry. And his face is getting even more expressive. Loves to just sit and play with his toys, more often than not this is in the morning (that’s when he loves to be independent). He is such a ham, always smiling at strangers & making new friends. Big on grabbing faces and hair. Still putting everything in his mouth and chewing like crazy. 

 Practing Standing Everywhere!!

Helping with the Dishes.
 In his J’s that Daddy bought him. They are almost too small… so sad! 

Bring on Another Month …..


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