We’ve got a Crawler!

Oh man… I was re-reading posts from the last month and it hit me… 
I never officially showed that Cash is crawling.
I mean by now you’ve probably figured it out. And in the last month this kid is wooosh… on the go (to say the least). He is moving so much and every day he gets just a little bit faster. Each time we take our eyes off him for a second he seems to gravitate towards the most dangerous object in the room, Oh boy, I’m pretty sure that’s normal for boys babies. But we are having so much fun!
So the munchkin offically crawled on Friday, June 14th. 
(Which was 2 days before Father’s Day)
This was the coolest Dad’s Day gift he could’ve given Brad. I know he was super excited that Cash really started going. And now he will never stop haha.
Here is a little video that I caught right when he started.

And one more from the week after when he really started cruising.

It’s so much more work FUN having a moving baby. He definitely keeps us on our toes!
Good thing we love being active 🙂

Happy Monday Folks!

Also I have to add… it’s my beautiful mothers birthday today! Without her I wouldn’t be. We are so lucky for all that she does for us… So Thanks Mama! We really should tell you more often. And if you weren’t really sure we think You are the Best!


One thought on “We’ve got a Crawler!

  1. Thank you Honey – I especially enjoyed being able to talk to you and see Cash on the move yesterday! he will be climbing in no time : )


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