Independence Day in Washington

Don’t let this fool you. I just wanted to add a little more about our Washington trip. 
Believe me I do realize that I overloaded you with pictures on the 4th of July post but you’re just gonna have to deal with my picture craziness. It seems…. I got it from my Mama (& Grandma) (And yes I sang the Will I Am song while typing that). 
Anyway… we had lots of fun while visiting the family (don’t we always). Don’t let it fool you, it was slightly exhausting. Brad & I now agree that all future trips up will be less of a run-around-sh**-show and more of a vacation. Truth = It’s for the babies sake. And we could use a relaxing vacation too.
So with that being said. Here are a few more pictures of our Washington fun ————>

 Time to get of this plane!

Naps with GranWen. (she’s not really sleeping)

 playtime in the yard

I Love this picture of him!

 Watching Daddy very closely          Daddy teaching him how


 Playtime in the grass with everyone!

This whole series is too funny!!! He loved being tossed around by grandpa! Clearly this kid isn’t scared easily.

 Playing with his Great Grandparents!

I’ve got this music thing figured out mom!!

Needless to say… I could go on & on & on & on with more pictures. But I’ll stop there.
One thing is for sure I’m thankful for my picture obsessed self/family.
Already I look back at Cash as a newborn and get nostalgic. It’s really nice to have these memories documented in photo. Don’t count on me quitting pictures anytime ever.

Next I’m working on a few wedding projects.
And Brad is off to Colorado for work again today.
Guess that means I’ll be catching up around here… We really need to find a sitter soon!

Until next time…

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