Happy Friday Friends!!!
With Brad out of town, Cash & I have been having some fun even if we miss daddy. But he’s coming home today & we couldn’t be more excited! We kinda need him! 
I could go on & on about how our little guy is pulling himself to stand on EVERYTHING  & we really need to put the gate on the stairs
(I know, I know mom. You’ll probably call me right after you read this. I promise Brad & I will figure it out this weekend! The directions are very complicated).
And I could tell you about all the fun we had… Playdates with a couple of my closest friends, Great deals at Babies R Us, Cash being a curious baby and destroying getting into everything. 
Carter & Cash BFF’s

But I just re-read some past posts and I still love the CURRENTLY idea… So for today here ya go!

Eating: brownie/choc chip cookie/Reese’s. I put this all together because it really is all in one muffin wrapper of yummy goodness. Pinterest got the best of me yet again while Brad is away and I’m stuck asking myself, why don’t I make the healthy recipes more often? Thank goodness I took most of them to work to save myself? But I found myself staring at the last 2 this morning and oops… What? Who doesn’t like sweets for breakfast?! Actually I already had my eggs and such, but I like I said I couldn’t stop staring & I want them out of the house. Yum! 

Reading: After the Rain by Karen White. It’s really good. Brad has been gone only 2 days and I’m on the last chapter. (Which I’ll finish after I post this) I just kept wanting to know more. Plus it has so much life inspiration, a reaccuring theme/saying in it is, “A life without rain is like the sun without shade.” I love that it reminds us even when things are so bad the good will push through eventually.

Listening too: the hum of the fan through the baby monitor and my Ipod on the most random mix… Right this minute Calling You by Blue October is playing. How fitting for the hubby being out of town? HAHA.

Bummed out on: I might possibly have a broken 4th toe! Oh man Oh man. I also might be one of the clumsiest people alive. I am an athlete for crying out loud, yet each time I’ve had a serious injury is hasn’t been while playing a sport. I seem to trip or stumble or just plain stub my toe on the wall. So this black & blue, swollen little toe better heal in less than 60 days! Cause I have big plans coming up for my dancing feet 🙂 And yes, you all get to see a picture of my awesome toe. This was yesterday… Today there is a little more swelling… Bring on the icepack & ibprofen!!

Thinking: I should get my butt up and bake some healthy brownies for Brad’s return home today! And then I need to ice my toe & finish my book. Gosh I hope the baby stays asleep for at least the time it takes me to get through that!

Worried About: Not getting all this wedding stuff done. Ahhh! I swear I wont become bridezilla but I know I need to get some ish organized and done soon! Definitely on my list for this weekend.

Loving: How happy our little boy is! He brightens every single situation! I can’t even stay bummed about my toe cause of this kid 🙂 He inspired the latest chalkboard!!

So with that…. BE HAPPY today!!!
Enjoy every minute of life… And bring on the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Hmmm, have you read my text… LOL yes I knew I should have just installed that gate while I was there!

    As for your toe – you know the drill and I know Ann had nothing to do with it.. all you Grace 🙂

    I do agree, your lil ray of sunshine puts the grin on any moment – you and Brad are doing a wonderful job raising him!!

    Love Mom


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