Cuteness for your Monday!

Here’s to another Monday!
I thought I would spread a little happy… 
Here are a few photos of our life lately! 
And by life I mean our ridiculously cute kid (cause he is our everything).

Just wrestling Rex. He stopped to pose 🙂
 Giving the mirror kisses! 
 These next 4 melt my heart! So happy!!

 Oh you know… Getting into everything!
 Hey mom! Want me to clean your shoes?? 

So much focus when he stands

This makes me laugh so hard… Mostly because right after I took it he looked at me & grinned. So funny!
Hanging out while mom gets ready for work!
With that… hope everyone has a fabulously happy day! And remember, 
Whenever you need some cheer just come on back… We’ve got plenty over here!
Up next a couple of delicious summer recipes. 
And my thoughts on when summer should end (mostly because I keeps seeing other blogs about getting ready for fall.) What the heck? Why can’t summer get a little more time… Shoot, us west coasters need to make it last (at least until after my birthday k thanks). Come back soon!

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