healthy summer recipe

I have been a cooking machine lately. Wait have you seen a picture of my soon to be hubby or my kid? I am always a cooking machine! haha! Truth is I may or may not eat more than both of them combined. Fat Kid at Heart right here.
But that’s ok… it’s all about eating good, whole foods with a sprinkle of delicious bad for you splurges. 
Just to keep life interesting and fun!
Our go to summer favorite
Chicken Salad
I got this recipe about 5 years ago from a close family friend. At the time I was at their house to get all the instructions for watching my uncles dogs for the week and she was prepping food to take along on their trip. It looked so good! This lady knows her stuff when it comes to food… let me tell you.
Ever since I have been making it and adding little tweaks depending on what I have on hand.
it’s light and delicious. it can be eaten on a sandwich or by itself straight from the bowl 🙂
1 can of chicken breast (or a whole shredded chicken breast if you’ve got a lot of extra time)
Sliced Almonds
Dried Cranberries
A couple tablespoons of Olive Oil Mayo (or Greek yogurt to get really healthy)
A couple stalks of finely chopped celery
A little salt/pepper (if you like that sort of thing)
First mix the chicken with the mayo (or yogurt) just enough to wet it. Don’t go crazy with this you can always add more. Then toss in all of the other ingredients and mix. There really is no measured amounts, it’s purely by sight (but remember you can always add more at the end). I add a dash of pepper (no salt but that’s me). Mix really well & refrigerate until chilled, then slap some on your favorite bread—>lately that has been pretzel bread for me (shhh…) or just eat it straight outta the bowl! Yum!
Of course I failed here… there is no picture of the final product. And it’s gone 🙂 OOPS!
But you get the idea right! 
My other favorite summer meal is super simple…
A snack plate.
Fill a plate with little bits of your favorite healthy items. We’re talking the possibilities are endless here… You can do meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, veggies, pretzels, a dip & just about anything else that you can think of. More color = more deliciousness!
I really could go on & on… I’ve got lots more recipes… 
Hmm Maybe that could be a new section on here???? 
Lately these are our 2 favorites!
I’m signing off to get to some more wedding crafting! Updates on all of that soon 🙂 
One thing is for sure, I’m feeling extra Martha-esque lately….
Have a lovely night friends

2 thoughts on “healthy summer recipe

  1. Hey Sweetie…I had to read this twice to figure out I was the close family friend the clue being “Uncles Dogz”…I just made that for a group of ladies from my dying niece's church last week. Makes me happy you are still enjoying it…and Thanx for the kudos XO


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