a little wedding crafts update

So have I mentioned I’m getting super crafty for our wedding? & Pinterest has been a huge inspiration.
Just in case you weren’t sure… both of the above are FACT
It almost seems unreal that people planned any parties or events before the existence of Pinterest or Etsy. These sites are lifesavers. Even if I’m not buying everything I love/think I need/want I am certainly inspired by all the creativity!
And I have been scoring some great deals with coupons @ Michaels lately.
So as I cut, paint, glue, glitter, detail and painstakingly attempt perfection with all of my crafts. 
I must say I am throughly enjoying this whole entire process. 
Except for the fact that my list seems to get longer each day. Hmm… how does that happen? 
Oh well…
 Only 53 more Days until our BIG day!!
Here are a few pictures of all of the fun I’ve had lately…

The start of our Mr & Mrs chair signs

A burlap banner and mailbox for the wedding cards

Of course there is still lots to do!
Looking at these, it doesn’t seem like that much but that’s ok. I know where I’m at 🙂

We have lots coming up… Back up to Washington to finalize a few wedding details, take our engagement photos (finally), and for the best reason… Celebrate my soon to be hubby’s birthday!!
Woo Hoo! So much fun stuff happening soon!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!!

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