Behind Blogger Warning!!!

Oh My! Oh My!
I’m waaaaaayyyy behind…. too much travel in the last couple weeks is my very good excuse!
We are home for the next 17 days so my plan is to post once a day until then! Lofty goal I know this! But hey… this girl has lots to say!
Coming up tonight…. Our lil muchkin’ turned 8 months old today!!
And of course it’s AUGUST…. (only the best month ever) why you ask??
Because it’s my birth month —-> Countdown: 15 Days <—— & the very last month of summer (to me anyway)… And this year it's my last month before I become a married woman!
So much excitement!
Are you getting all this through your screen???
Right now, I must put the baby down for a nap & cook us some breakfast… 
Be back later! I PROMISE!

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