Cash = 8 Months Old!

…8 Months… 
I think it’s quite fitting that I say this every single month
Where the heck did the time go?
Please Please s l o w  d o w n
K Thanks! 🙂

We’ve been very busy bees this past month & Cash is no exception!
Of course there was no pediatrician checkup (next one, wait for it = 9 months) so we will just update his milestones & add some mommy guesses for his stats!

Age: 8 Months old
Stats: Mommy’s scale says 21.7 pounds. (more accurate than the doctors scale?? probably not)
Clothes: All of em are 9-12 months now. I’m so sad because his little Jordan t-shirt no longer fits (so I realized when I put him in it for the family reunion and we spent the whole afternoon laughing at his belly sticking out)
Sleeping: He sleeps through the night. 8pm to 6am. Unless there’s a tooth coming, oh man that wasn’t fun while we were traveling. But now he’s back to normal and taking really great naps too! 
Eating:  Still at 3 solid meals a day with 1 snack. He nurses a little in the morning (6am) and then right before bed. Seems to work well for us. It’s so fun to watch him try new things. He is picking up small foods and seems to be very coordinated with his left pointer and thumb —->uh oh we just might have a lefty like the grandpas. 
Favorite Activities: Crawling around EVERYWHERE. And he’s getting super speedy too. So this means another activity, getting into any & everything. 
Favorite Toys: Plastic water bottles, tupperware, cardboard boxes, me. You know all the things that I already have around the house rather than the pile of toys in our living room. LOL He is so curious when it comes to what we have or what we’re doing, and loves to be part of it. He does take a little time every day, where he will crawl off to a corner or anywhere by himself and sit & play. It’s like he needs his alone time. Brad always says, “Busy” when he does this and Cash just ignores us. 
Signature Moves: The “speed crawl” and clapping! He also is starting a little separation anxiety, but only for a few minutes when he sees me leave (very easily distracted) and then he cries when he sees me come back, it’s actually comical. He also has a new noise that is similar to a duck sound, so silly. His laugh is infectious! 
Favorite Words: Da Da… Hands down this one wins. But he also says Hi, it’s very soft and mostly when he wants attention but it’s super cute and he smiles very big when you look & say hi back. This past week I’ve noticed a few more sounds like Ba Ba and quite possibly a Ma Ma (but I’m pretty sure that one is wishful thinking).
Nicknames: He gained a few new ones while we were visiting family… Captain Commotion & Charming Charlie
Other Milestones: This month there are lots… and I’m sure even more to come! First off he has Two Teeth!! The first on pushed through just before we went on this last trip, we didn’t write down the exact day but I’m almost sure it was the weekend of the 19, 20, 21st. And his second tooth decided to join the party while we were in Washington (oh what perfect timing), it was over the 31st, 1, 2, and finally popped through the skin on the 3rd of August. He is also : Clapping , blowing lots of raspberries, pulling himself to stand up everywhere he can! (especially on me, or by using my pant legs so he can be right at my feet lol), & crawling UP stairs, he first attempted this for GranWen on Friday (Aug 1st) night and on Sunday night before his bath he went all the way up the stairs and Grandpa & GrandWen’s in Gig Harbor (pretty impressive I’d say). 

Here are a few shots of our recent shenanigans:

This is the pout! I finally got a picture of that lip!
A little nap with mommy this morning (he’s fake sleeping)
Morning playtime = Bedhead!

 Mom check this out… Boxes are so much Fun!

We bought a powerball ticket tonight… worth 4 million?? 
Must. get. the. Basketball.

And with that I’m off to get some sleep

Brad is out of town for a week so I need to rest up to keep up with this guy!!

Have a lovely night friends!

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