Final Wedding Planning Trip

Yes, I should probably tell you all about our latest trip to Washington.
I mean it is the reason for my blog absence/ my disappearance/ me being MIA.
Honestly we did a lot! I mean shoot… I was there for almost 12 days 
(11 technically but we flew home the morning of the 12th).
As always it was a blast… we tried to do a better job of mixing in some fun, relaxing time on this trip.
I’d say we were quite successful. 
I’m pretty sure it still wasn’t enough but the truth is we just wont be able to have one of those trips until after the wedding. And that’s only 37 days away! 
As always Cash & I had way too much fun in the airport…
Haha! It was a veeerrrryy early flight for us. Tired baby!
I have to say we are pretty darn lucky though. My best friends mom is probably the nicest lady ever for giving us so many of her guest passes this year! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I really can’t thank her enough!) Especially with the cost of flights now Oh M Gee!
We lucked out and caught the first flight out of town. 
Which was pretty darn perfect considering my mom happened to be home recovering from a small surgery. As soon as she got us we went to the dress shop for my fitting.
Timing is everything people!!
And my dress fit perfectly! 
Not that I can show you that… But here’s a little gem that was in the window.
Possible flower girl dress???
That afternoon was nice & relaxing, we spent quality time with my parents.
 He loves playing outside!

Cash tried the grass…. Clearly he wasn’t a fan! HAHA
And then my dad & I grabbed some dinner at our favorite nearby pub.

I tried the banana bread beer (YUM) and dad had a double chocolate stout since they were out of Irish Death. He still wanted to brag to Brad a little… Silly guys, crack me up!
After that it was back home to scour & search through my moms endless boxes of old photos.
I’m working on wedding projects which call for pictures, pictures, & more pictures!
Obviously there is no shortage of those here!
On Friday we spent the day on wedding stuff until it was time to pick up Brad that evening. 
Then back to my parents house for the night. 
Only to wake up Saturday to homemade waffles (thanks Dad!) before we hit the gym.
And back to get ready for Brad’s cousins wedding. 
Awkward car photo… That’s the best we got. oops!

 But she looked gorgeous!!!
We had some photo booth fun at the reception. 
After dinner and the cake cutting we ultimately decided to leave early to get home to the little guy. 
Hey we’re still new parents, it’s tough for us sometimes! 
And we knew Sunday would be another busy day.
Which it was…
We went to my mom’s side family reunion.
Always so much fun with them! I was so happy Brad got to meet that side. Of course there’s never enough time. And we were fashionably late due to Cash’s crazy travel nap (or lack there of) schedule.

So much fun! Might be time for a bigger J shirt though…

 The best part is we didn’t miss the pinata`
My great uncle (who’s 101) took a few whacks at it!
Followed by my 87 year old grandma, 
a whole bunch of little kids
including Cash!!

a few more big ones and then Brad!

My mom got this picture… Talk about Action shot!! 

Cash was very impressed with the frog we grabbed him!

Chatting with Uncle Danny. And we tried to get a few of the new babies.  (^what a flirt this kid is)

After the reunion, we met up with Brad’s family at Dukes for dinner. 
Then it was off to his parents house to relax for the evening.
Turns out our kid was teething this trip. He finally pushed his second tooth through after about 4 nights of no sleep. Poor kid (and Mommy). It certainly made for a better adventure! 🙂
Since we had such an eventful first weekend of our trip… I’m splitting up the fun!
Part 2 will be posted next!
Stay tuned! I’m off to get some beauty sleep.
Have a good night…

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