Final Wedding Planning Trip Part 2

First off, hope you all had a wonderful Friday! I know Cash & I did… lots of wedding fun while he napped and lots of play time while he was awake. A visit from a good friend including teryaki salmon bowls, yum. And We finished our evening with a 30 min run/walk which just happened to put the lil guy to sleep so I opted to just put him right to bed once we got home and now I’m sipping water (pretending it’s wine) as I type and stare at my piles of crafts for the wedding that are in progress.
But last night you were promised the rest of our trip story, and I can’t let you down! ūüėČ
So it continues….

Monday (mind you this was the 29th of July) morning I was off and going to my hair and makeup trial appointment. Which went very well! As I look back at the pictures I can tell I’m going to want to make a few tweaks. But that’s what a trial is for right? Once we snapped photos (which you obviously can’t see until the big wedding reveal) she took out my hair so that it would look pretty for our shoot with the photographer that afternoon.¬†

Our photographer is an old family friend. Lucky my parents know so many people… we’ve got some serious connections! woo woo. Jim does wedding photography as a side gig and his wife Kathy has been friends with my mom for 30-some years. So Jim & Kathy came out to Gig Harbor to see our wedding location and take a few engagement pics of us. It really turned into a family photo session… which is quite alright with us! As long as we get shots of us two on the big day, I’m good ūüôā I would love to post those but that will have to wait until we actually order them & I get permission from him of course! My only hope for our wedding pics is we get more emotion from both of us! Which I’m fully confident will happen cause we wont be standing waiting them most of the time.

Tuesday we had more fun stuff… Tastings!
That afternoon we went over to the Canterwood Golf & Country Club (our reception venue) to taste the menu options. Both excellent which is good cause that means my parents have good taste lol but we knew they did!!
And a few hours later our very sweet dessert specialist brought over some sample cakes so we could pick a flavor. She did such a fabulous job! I can’t wait to taste it again on the big day. And I’m so excited for how the cobblers will taste too.

Wednesday was a day for nothing wedding related. It was special… Brad’s 32nd Birthday! I just couldn’t do that to him… Instead we had a really great family day & I did my best to make it all about him even though we weren’t home. I’ll do another post about that soon! I promise!

Thursday we spent the day mostly relaxing. Brad’s Mom & I met with a couple caterers for ideas about the small cocktail hour we are having immediately following the ceremony at their house. Only to realize that it seems to be an added expense we don’t necessarily need. Which is nice because we now have some fabulously simple ideas that will be sure to tide people over until they get to the reception! In the early evening my Dad, Uncle & Mom came to the house to bring the stage which they custom built for our wedding. They did a trial set up and it is so freakin’ cool!!

Basically it’s perfect!! Only have to adjust the ramp, pick up the stepping stones and then screw it all together the week of & we’re set!

Friday was another day for nothing planned! Instead we hung out and then left the little one with grandparents so we could escape for a date night. Which consisted of first meeting my parents for Thai Chicken wings & Beer, then our friends (my bestie since junior high & her husband) for drinks. Our night got even better when my cousin & her boyfriend met up with us all & we just had lots of adult fun! Don’t mind my iPhone quality-instagram enhanced photos, isn’t that what everyone uses for a camera???

 Car photos are our favorites lol

Above is the action at the first bar, lots of sports talk & mom & I enjoying our lemon drops
Below some action from the second place… couples fun!

And finally the 3rd final stop… now they just can’t stop talking sports¬†
And the lovely ladies!!

All in all it was a great night!! 
We never do make it to see everyone but it’s great seeing whoever we can!
Where does that leave us… Saturday. Oh that was also a super eventful family day! That morning met up with Brad’s brother & wife for a huge breakfast at a local place called The Buttered Biscuit. Where they are known for their cornbread (which I probably should have only eaten that, oh well). Followed by an afternoon Birthday (see we celebrated all week) BBQ with lots of food and family time. Which can only be documented properly in pictures of course…
Sharing puffs with his buddy Jace
 A big cake for the birthday boys (we combined their ages for the candles lol)
 hanging out with grandpa
 getting some love from lil miss Hailey
 Enjoying the view with Auntie Jaz
 group photo! 
We had such a great time!! I’m feeling really good with where all of our wedding planning is at…
¬†and were able to relax some. Can’t beat that!!¬†
Last but not least…
Another big event took place for Mr. Cash while we were there on Sunday night

¬†He can go up stairs!!! No way!!! He went all the way up… So exciting!
And now I feel as though this small-2 part novel should end with a 
Enjoy your weekend friends!!

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