Cowboy Caviar

After the munchkin went to bed, a little t.v. time with my man, and tidying up the house 
I’m    still    not    tired. 
So, I keep starting new posts… and then I delete them. 
And then I start another. It’s a vicious cycle really! 
I decided you might not want to read yet another lengthy page about my kid, our travels, &/or our wedding (or maybe you would…). But for tonight I will save those,
And give you a new dip to try. ——> COWBOY CAVIAR
This stuff is deliciousness!
Let me tell you. It’s full of flavor, healthy ingredients and so easy to whip up. 
An added benefit… it’s pretty darn good for you 🙂 Always a bonus right!
My lovely Aunt made this for a party years ago and it was love at first dip for me. 
She comes up with the best party dishes & I would say 99.9% of the time they are healthy. Even the from scratch German chocolate cake she recently made (pictures & more details in the next post I promise) was full of better for you ingredient options. This woman is so amazing, you have no idea! 
I always re-ask her for the recipe, but this time I’ve got it written on a card in my recipe box, saved in my email, and now I’m saving it in my personal blog-land. (yes that’s a thing, well it is now ha).
I give you…
The Recipe:

3 avocados (cut into small squares)
2 Roma tomatoes (cut into small squares)
1 can shoe peg corn (drained)
1 and black eye peas (drained)
¼ cup red wine vinegar
¼ cup olive oil
4 – Green onions
Bunch of Cilantro finely chopped
Garlic (optional)
Salt  to taste
Mix all ingredients but avocados, after well mixed, add avocados gentle toss.
Serve with Lime tostado chips (optional, but they somehow make it better)

The photos…
And those were all I managed to take before the container was empty!!
Brad prefers me to make it sans tomatoes (he’s not a fan of those guys). 
It doesn’t taste bad that way just less pretty and seems to be missing something.
I may try a red or orange pepper when I make it for him next time. Just to experiment.
With that… I’m off to sleep! Cause there is lots to do tomorrow!
Have a goodnight friends!

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