30 Before 30

I was recently scoping out my blog list —–> It seems to be growing, but I love following interesting people and of course they are super inspiring! Maybe one day my little blog will grow to be as big as some of theirs and I’ll have newbies like me following mine for inspiration! *BIG DREAMS*

About 2 weeks ago, I came across a post about 30 before 30… I thought to myself, what is this about? To some of you this concept may not be new at all, therefor you may be thinking has this girl been hiding under a rock? No I vaguely remember reading about this a few years back but honestly at that point in my life I’m sure I thought cool, but this need not apply to me I’m young and 30 is YEARS from now! Well as my next birthday quickly approaches (this Friday!!!), I do find myself looking back and thinking of my accomplishments (and lack of). So this seems to me now like a pretty freakin’ cool thing to do! I’ve made my list… And now I have 3 years to do it! That’s only 10 things a year (super possible don’t you think?). I’m determined!!

So without further ado… Here is my list!

Jennifer’s 30 Before 30
To be completed by August 23rd, 2016

1. Go to Hawaii (Jan. 2014) & New York

2. Join a church & get our lil’ family there once a month (we found a great one, but getting there has been harder than I thought, working on it!)
3. Treat myself to a day at the spa. (August 2014)
4. Be debt free. (everything but Student Loans)
5. Run a fun run & a 1/2 marathon.
6. Get my real estate license & really use it. (the market is just too saturated. On top of that I’m just not that passionate about selling houses
7. Take a cooking class.
8. Save more money. (totally doing this!)
9. Create my own pretty, organized office space in our house. (Nov. 2013)
10. See a Broadway show (on Broadway)
11. Grow my Blog to 1000 readers.
12. Host a themed party. (kids birthdays totally count here)
13. Get re-certified with NASM
14. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels 
15. Have baby #2  (April 2015)
16. Take a photography class (I’ve been watching youtube tutorials in my spare time, currently looking for a groupon to take an online class) & then update my camera. (got one this year!)
17. Visit a country outside of North America
18. Go Vegetarian for 1 month. (came close… did a cleanse, cut out so much stuff but realized I don’t really want to give up meat even for a month. I really like steak & chicken & fish)
19. Put all of the gajillion photos on my computer onto a backup external hard-drive (hard drive ordered & will be here Friday)
20. Visit a fortune teller/ palm reader/ psychic. 
21. Express gratitude more often (I don’t believe this should be crossed off completely… I find myself doing this but no matter how much you express it, is it ever enough?)
22. Take a portrait of my son every week for a year (I might possibly be doing this now?) (pretty sure I have more than one a week of both boys!!)
23. Get my Master’s Degree?? (or decide not to) I can’t decide if I really want it… or what in? (it’s not a priority for me at this point. I’m really happy with our life right now. Until I find my next passion I’m ok with holding off on the Masters)
24. Find my perfect shade of lipstick.
25. Take a boudoir picture (photo shoot) for my hubby.
26. Create a grocery budget & stick to it. (end of 2014 into 2015)
27. Get back into the gym regularly. And by this I mean go for me, 3-5 days a week.(finally doing this & it feels great! since we’ve been back from our month in Seattle I’ve been going a couple days a week along with at home workouts and walking more)
28. Write more letters and cards. Starting with friends & family and then ones to my son for the future. (I’ve been making a real effort to send cards to loved ones and little surprise “i’m thinking of you” gifts. I hope it’s making people smile)
29. Re-do/make the changes to our house. i.e. our master bathroom, living room, upstairs game room, painting everywhere. (moved in Oct 2014, working on that one now)
30. Do something Awesome for my 30th Birthday! (not only are we going to Hawaii kid free for a week, but I’m planning a girls Napa Trip for the start of October…let the birthday celebration be extended this year!!)

Here’s to accomplishing each and every item on this list!! And figuring out how I can scratch things off without reposting it all the time lol… What about you? Have you ever made a list of the things you would like to do? Why not give it a try… And link back!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 

So we’re getting closer to the weekend… Which means my birthday & bachelorette bash in Vegas!! Woo Woo!
Enjoy your Wednesday friends!
-xo- jen 

3 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. Excellent – thinking you will be knocking a few of those off in short order and having fun with each one as they come! Although you could add 31… take a road trip with a 8 1/2 month old 🙂 Love you!!


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