Happy Birthday!

Well… It’s here…. 
Happy 27th Birthday to me!
Let the weekend begin… 
Cause in one short hour I will be on my way to Vegas for a 2 day bachelorette/birthday bash!
so let’s make this short & sweet.
Basically I have no clue what this weekend will bring. All I know is 6 of my closest friends will be celebrating with me on the Vegas strip/poolside. And we are in for a weekend of fun!!!
Last night Brad and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner @ Flemmings (one of our favorite steakhouses) while his mom watched Cash. Then we stopped at Shane Co and purchased our wedding bands! #shitjustgotreal #soexcited
After we brought the baby home to bed and just enjoyed our evening. 
This morning he woke up happy. And I’m only a little nervous to be away from baby for the first overnight EVER!
But Brad is very reassuring. He went out this morning & came back with Donuts & the sweetest card!
So have a wonderful Friday friends!!
I know I will!!
Updates after the weekend….
-xo- Jen-

One thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Enjoy it all, this is the best of times.You deserve all the happiness, fun and love in your life, you give so much to so many. I'm very happy to see all the good things happening in your life!


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