Crazy Wedding Week!!

Hi Friends!!

Oh gosh I’m so lame… Our lives have been a mini whirlwind the past few weeks. Considering I’ve started this apology/catchup post at least 8 times!! Along with thinking gosh i really need to do a bachelorette weekend post, a Cash’s first roadtrip, wedding countdown/planning, Cash turns 9 months, both of my showers, the kickoff of NFL season and more I’m sure. Finally, I’m finding a little time in the wee hours of the morning as Cash chugs his bottle in anticipation for the day.

And this will be my first official post from my phone!!! Man this is a tiny keyboard… And finger pecking is tough when u’ve got so much to say. Oh I also should post a little about our wedding now being only 3 days away! Eeek! The excitement is bubbling over!! Needless to say I’m a little behind. I think I have a good excuse…

We are in Washington for the final prep before our big day! It’s been gorgeous and rainy

and now gorgeous again. So fingers crossed it stays nice through the weekend. I’m just putting out positive thoughts into the universe in hopes of getting positive back!!
I can’t wait to marry Brad & celebrate with almost all of our closest family & friends. It’s going to be amazing I just know. As each day passes and we get a little closer the nerves do jump a little more and my tummy does a few hundred more anxious backflips. This can only be normal I’m sure. 
Everyday last week it seemed we had something to run around and get, or do, or somewhere else to be. Finally this week it’s been slightly more relaxing. My amazing cousin spent her day off on Monday helping me knock out almost all of the crafty stuff. Then Brad and I enjoyed a nice evening together complete with dinner, a little shopping for a few things he still needed for Friday, and even a Craigslist pickup of a huge batch of golfballs to knock off the cliff edge. Much thanks to GranWen for bring the ever-available babysitter of Cash. Yesterday after a few morning errands I was back to get Brad and we…. Wait for it… GOT OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!!! It was so easy, thank you pierce county. We spent the rest of the day relaxing (Brad golfed) and had a nice dinner with his parents. 
Lets see what today brings. Only a few more crucial things to check off! And most of it is fun!!
I’m hoping at some point I’ll get some actual computer time and really get detailed for you. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t take me another week to fit that in! But oh well if it does right?!
Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!
I’m off to start my day…

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