Being that today is my first full day home in almost 3 weeks, my brain is a little fried. It seems there isn’t enough hours to put away all our stuff, re-organize, clean the house, do laundry, write thank you’s, upload photos, figure out how to change my name, grocery shop, or blog. —–> That doesn’t even cover my entire to-do list. I may have finished half of it & I’m exhausted! That is ok, tomorrow is yet another day! 
It only seems fitting that I continue this… especially because I have this crazy long list of blog ideas and I just don’t quite feel like writing any of them tonight. So… this is what you get 🙂

Eating: absolutely nothing at the moment. But I am drinking a nice big glass of pink Moscato.
Reading: right now I’m not in the middle of anything. Hopefully by next week I will be started on something new. if you have any suggestions… Feel Free to Comment them!!!
Listening To: The static from the fan in Cash’s room from the monitor, Sports Center is on in the background, & Brad printing things as he “works” in his office.
Watching: Tonight we will be catching up on our Duck Dynasty. It’s sooo funny! We have a few episodes recorded on the DVR from being gone. Hopefully I can stay awake.
Bummed out on: Absolutely Nothing!! I am seriously on this “just married – life is wonderful – no one or nothing can get me down” high! I couldn’t ask for things to be better at this point! I have the most amazing husband, son, friends & family! Plus I’m so happy to just be home and not have any more traveling to do for a long time!
Thinking: Gosh I really need to clean our floors.  HaHa. It’s crazy how this Arizona dust settles everywhere! Eh, oh well. I’ll get to that.
One little Rant: Why are some people so self-centered? To think that every comment or thing has to do with you is crazy. And seriously not every person in your life is copying you. Why can’t such people just see the bigger picture? I hope I am able to teach my son (and future children) to care about others without forcing your opinions on them. To love without reservations. To be non-judgemental. And above all to be strong enough to say how you feel and what you mean rather than bottle things up. It’s a big world out there. And it could use a little less selfishness! Mini-Rant Over. 🙂
Loving:  Our Life. Being Married. And Watching Cash pull himself to stand at everything that he can grab ahold of. It’s sooo much fun seeing him develop and discover new things! <—Have I said that enough?? lol It's true though. I will put off anything in the world to hang out with this kid. Just being his mom is so very rewarding. I'm loving it!

I do promise that in the very near future there will be wedding posts, Cash’s 9 month post (after we go to the doctor), a few more details about the pre-wedding events & Lots & Lots of pictures!
But for now, I’m going to enjoy some time with my husband and get some rest.
With that. This post is finished.
That’s a wrap.
I’m Out.

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Even with all the craziness and a dash of stress – you were beautiful!!! and we are so pleased to welcome Brad to our family!! I think without all of the “little things” it wouldnt really have been a successful wedding!!

    I really appretiate your attitude about teaching your son (and future kids) to learn how to live fully without taking on others “stuff” It is a much healthier way to live! Wish I had learned it much sooner : )

    Love you so much – enjoy your new name and new life as a married couple – these are indeed the best of times – so, let the good times roll! Mom


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