100th Post- Halloween Eve

Happy Wednesday all… And October 30th!

It’s the day before the scariest day of the year 🙂 This time of year is always very special to me, Halloween is a holiday that my family celebrates to the MAX. Not only to we partake in the costumes, candy and decorations but growing up we were a part of something much more. A Haunted House. This wasn’t just any haunted house it was one of the top in the greater Northwest for many years. It actually started in the mid 70’s first in Burien as a way to raise money for the Burien Flyers Semi Pro football team and the Burien EMTs. They branched out into Seattle (which was actually one of my parents first real dates). My father had gotten involved in 1978. A few years later he was on the original Board of Directors when they incorporated Scare Productions in 1982 as a non-profit, volunteer group. I remember most of the originals Gary B, Mike K, Bob B, my dad and Charlotte T (I know I’m missing a few sorry). This group was just a really great group of friends & “veteran haunters” who had a built a love for building haunted houses and scaring people. They began working with the City of Des Moines and the Des Moines Rotary… their mission = to SCARE. The added bonus, it was all for charity.
Soon our whole family played a large role in the whole process. Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Cousins, as more of us were born we were just grew the Scare family. My aunt was the President for years until she passed. My mom did makeup, dad was a {really scary} line walker/actor, my uncles, cousins and extended family all built, acted, ran security and more. The whole group of us was just one big Scare-y family. 🙂 I have so many memories at a very young age hanging out in “scare-care” while my parents worked behind the scenes and acted all night. Then moving up the ranks to painting, building more, spider dropping, and eventually getting to act in a room. I remember spending much of the summer and fall rebuilding rooms, painting and designing all of the spooky details. Once October hit we were in full haunting mode. It was so much fun to be part of the creative process and the thrill of special effects mixed with shrieks, screams and footsteps running away made it even better.  It actually still stands today (after 30+ years), although the building was lost in 2004 & they moved to an outside location. Hey if you’re in the Washington State area go check them out, it’s now called the Nightmare at Beaver Lake. Don’t worry it wont scare ya too bad {insert evil laugh muhahaha}
This time of year brings up so many more memories for me (and I’m sure much of my family as well). In April of 2001 we lost a very special part of our family to that horrible disease known as colon cancer. She was truly an amazing woman, who inspired and touched every person blessed to know her. I could easily go on for pages about her positive traits, bright spirit and giving ways. There really isn’t too much good I could say about her. The memories are all happy ones, I like think of all of the wonderful moments we all had, the fun trips, and everything we were a part of from Scare to Skiforall. She was loved by so many and the loss is honestly still tough to this day. One thing I know for sure is we have a true angel watching over us.
We miss you daily Aunt Terrea
In honor of my aunt, My family has all signed up for a 5K “get your rear in gear” to raise money for colon cancer awareness. They are walking (running?) this Sunday, November 3rd. Even though I don’t live there {I wish I could be there for this one} I very much am there in spirit and am rooting for them to have so much fun. I’m am so proud of them all for doing this, shoot grandma is even signed up! Please send them over some positive thoughts, encouragement and if you’re feeling generous feel free to donate to Team Terrea! {I mean who doesn’t love a good tax deduction/business right off? right!} Of course they are getting just a tad competitive in the money raising aspect. I expect nothing less from the Burnett clan. You can donate directly to my dad here or my mom here. Did I mention how proud I am of them for doing this!! Thanks to everyone for your support! It’s such a great cause!

We also have been busy in the spirit of the season here in the Jenkin’s house…
Little man got to experience pumpkin carving on Monday night during halftime of the Seahawks game. How funny it was for us to watch him play with & attempt to eat pumpkin guts!!

his very own Cash-sized pumpkin
hmm… not sure about this mom!
woah! what is this stuff?

in mid carving
and the finished products!

The ghost, scary face & a J for Jenkins.

 Of course we made delicious baked pumpkin seeds!

Here they are all lit up!

 Also today Cash is in costume #1. Mostly cause he has a crazy-indecisive mom who bought him a totally different costume at the last minute {thanks babe for putting up with me}. In my defense, when it came in the mail the hat was way too big so I decided he could be this another year when he’s a little older.But that just means he gets to be doubly cute!
Here’s our adorable little firefighter!

 Can’t wait for all of tomorrow’s festivities!
 We have so much fun stuff planned… See you all soon!
Happy Hallow’s Eve!

2 thoughts on “100th Post- Halloween Eve

  1. Nice job on this post – a few favorite memories are all the babies that took their naps in the coffin while their parents worked on the sets (including you and your brother…) the time your dad came back to “visit” from AZ and you could hear thru the line people say “oh Crap! He's back!! – You told me he wasn't here any more…!!! ” We laughed our A**'s off!! the extended family created a camiraderie we all enjoyed and still have those connections to this day – nothing quite like that 1st sniff of the old make-up kit!!

    And, Well said in your tribute to Terrea – she is very much missed and we are blessed her spirit lives on in her many grandchildren (hope someday there are even more… LOL) & yes my donation has been made and I am proudly walking on Sunday!!

    Happy Halloween – enjoy Trick or Treating with Cash – we expect to see pictures!!


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