Halloween 2013

Hello November 1st!!
How exciting that the holiday season is in full swing now! I can’t wait to start the next phase of decorating our house, Thanksgiving foods, Cash’s 1st Birthday Party & then Christmas! It’s going to get crazy around here! I can’t wait for all the fun! 
But first lets recap our Halloween for you all…
We had a great day & night!
Started the morning off with a some pumpkin shaped, pumpkin spice pancakes
I think they were a hit
It was even fun to set everything up.
Pre-food set up…. I got a little distracted & never actually got a picture of it all out… oops
I managed to do a little networking for Partylite by giving these out to the trick-or-treater moms too!
 I tried to get a picture in his “my first Halloween” outfit… yeah right! 
 Instead I had a little candy helper turned into a cute candy thief!
 Not sure that he cared for the wrapper
So he went back for something different 🙂
During his naptime I finished setting up, prepping food and even found a spider making friends with my glitter spiders out front
 After quite the long nap we weren’t sure if he was gonna be up for trick-or-treating

 He rallied and let me dress him up… 
 eventually he forgot about the hood & let us take some photos

Gotta love Grandpa’s shirt!

Then my good friend showed up with her husband & kiddos.
We got the party started!
 The boys are just too cute together!
 They loved the halloween shaped pasta

And after dinner they were so ready to go get candy

 We made it down the street, around the corner & back
No candy hangover here… instead we have a grumpy baby who is cutting teeth. And using legos to help poor kid! Maybe I should give him sugar to take his mind of it? (yeah right)

We went for a little distraction and spent some time this afternoon at the pool

 Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and an even better day after!
Can’t wait for all of the excitement to come…
I’m off to get some sleep

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