I seem to be having to force myself to blog this week. I keep putting it off and of course another day passes without a post, I tell myself “shoot, I’ll do a really great one tomorrow” then another day passes and here we are. Darn it anyway. Good thing Cash turns 11 months old tomorrow {wait what? crazy}. 
It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done one of these, so I figured why not.
Here’s what’s happening around here…


Reading: Mostly I’ve been catching up on other blogs, yahoo news, and celebrity gossip (ha). Who doesn’t love a good article on Tom Brady’s Hairstyles or maybe one about the latest Kardashian photo shoot? eh. it’s all fun & games. Clearly, I really need to find a new good book! Please feel free to comment your ideas! 
Listening to: We have been all about the new Eminem lately. My hubby is a big fan and I can’t say I’m not. The man is crazy talented when it comes to rapping. My personal favorite off of his new LP The Monster ft. Rhianna. We’re also listening to lots & lots of Cash sounds… his go-to being the raspberry haha. 
Thinking About: The next few months and the busy-ness that is about to take over. I really need a new job. So much is going to happen in the next 90 days…. Thanksgiving, Cash’s 1st Birthday, Christmas, the New Year and then our Honeymoon! Wow I am going to need some crazy organization for all of this. 
Eating: We have been grubbing on soooo much spaghetti squash lately. It’s such a great healthy addition to our meals. It can be paired with so many different options. Hmm… there’s another post idea. I’ll have to start taking some pictures. 
Watching: Fall T.V is back. I’m sticking with all of the old favorites for now. You know  Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, Glee, Dancing with the Stars and lots & lots of Football! I keep hearing that I should check out Breaking Bad… maybe it should be added to the list?? Right this moment I’m actually watching little man sleep through the video monitor. He’s so sweet & peaceful…
Feeling Thankful: For how healthy we are {so far}. Even though we had that scare with little man a few weeks back, he is fully recovered and back to normal. I hope we can keep it healthy in our house til after the New Year. Our game plan, keep pushing the vitamins and daily workouts! Ready Go! {fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx us huh}
Working On: I’ve officially started planning Cash’s 1st birthday party. We’ve picked out a theme and the next step is to get crafty. Oh and hurry up with getting the invites out. I’m so excited for all the fun! 
Loving: All of the holiday decorations ideas. If only I had time to paint our walls and add a fireplace to match my home decorating plans haha. Check out Pinterest for some fabulous Holiday inspiration! 
Bummed Out On: Our work situation. Every time things finally seem to be going in the right direction something changes and derails our plan. We can’t seem to win. I just have to keep reminding myself that there is a bigger plan. Everything happens for a reason. And It will all work out as long as we have faith! I can’t help it that I would like something to happen now. Practicing my patience people. 
Wondering:When we’re gonna do Insanity today? Have I mentioned that hubs and I are doing this crazy crazy awesome workout! No but really it’s only been 2 weeks and I already see change! I’m getting my muscles back! Eventually I’ll do a before & after post. But that’s not for another 6 weeks or so. We just gotta keep kicking butt! 

That’s all for today… Cashman is just waking up from his nap. So it’s time for lunch, a workout and some play-time before mommy goes to work tonight. 
Next up… Cash turns 11 months, recipes, and some x-mas list ideas!

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!!

One thought on “Currently

  1. Happy 11 months to Cash!! time flies and he is the best! You two are very lucky parents – of course there are 4 of us that believe its all about good genes! : )


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