Our weekend in Photos

I’m having this weird “blogging block” lately.
It’s almost as though I have way too many ideas to blog about but no desire to type them out. 
really strange.
Sorry about that. 
For tonight you’ll just have to suffer through a handful of iphone pictures of our weekend adventures while Brad was in Denver for work.
In case you weren’t informed… 
Last Thursday (the 14th) was National Pickle Day.
Cash loves pickles! And the sour face is too funny!

We had lots of fun shopping at Target…
Pretty sure I need both of these items below! —-> 

Cash was happy when we got done (probably cause we shopped for him!)
 After Target we went out to Ruffinos in Ahwatukee with Grandpa & GranWen
Oh man the food was Amazing!!
 You’re looking at the Lobster Carbonara… mmmmm

Thursday Night & Saturday morning I passed the time with a little painting
 So happy with the end result. Especially how much it brightens up the living room! 
Can’t wait for all the holiday decorations to POP!
Happy Saturday Morning cuddle time…
A gourmet lunch for the little guy
Butternut squash raviolis

Our new favorite book
 DaDa is home which calls for some serious Sunday football!

 And after nap time …  A wardrobe change

 So Awesome both of our teams won!! 
We had a super lame dinner so no pictures of that…
A little Monday morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 It’s really rough to be a baby nowadays
So excited for tomorrows shenanagins!!
Sneak Peak of the fun —->
One thing I know after looking through all of these… 
I am so thankful for my family and feel so blessed to be this little guys Mama! 
Here’s to hoping that tomorrow my writers block/funk goes away huh.
Happy Monday friends!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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